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A Brief History of the Motorcycle

Unlike many popular inventions, the motorcycle cannot trace its origins to a single engineer or inventor’s one idea. Rather, the motorcycle is a descendant of the “safety bicycle,” a bicycle equipped with two wheels of the same size and a pedal crank mechanism that drives the rear wheel. This safety bicycle was over the years mechanized and became what we now know as the motorcycle.

Karizma PGM Fi Review

If industry talks are to be believed then the Hero Honda motors is launching their new bike Karizma PGM Fi much to the delight of bike lovers. The bike will join the league of the recent launch of performance bikes such as the Apache RTR 180, Yamaha Fazer and Pulsar 220DTSi.

Affordable Vehicles For Students

If you are a college student who is paying your own way through school, the added expense of buying, fueling and maintaining a car may be too much to handle as well. Luckily, you have other options beyond taking public transportation, walking, or riding your bike. Lots of students are buying scooters which allow them to get around just as fast as most cars, and offer a great deal of convenience compared to walking or biking.

Getting Around Town Without a Car

It can certainly be frustrating to live in a city full of cars but not be able to afford your own car. Public transportation can work in some cities, but of course will constrain your schedule and will go much slower than moving under your own control. Walking and biking can be good options, but can be difficult if you need to go more than a couple of miles.

Bikes That Don’t Require a License

It may be tempting to buy a motorcycle but they can often require not only a special license but also special insurance may be necessary. It can be helpful to really understand the rules in your local area since almost certainly there are loopholes. For example, in most locations vehicles with an engine below a certain size are not subject to special licensing and insurance requirements. To get the details for your particular area, you should ask at a local store since this will be a common question.

Buying Motorcycle Tyres For Your Bike

When we’re new to the motorcycling world it can be difficult to make purchases of the most mundane accessories simply because we don’t have experience with the manufacturers in the market and the terminologies used. This problem is particularly apparent when buying motorcycle tyres with so many similar models available.

What is the Best Dual Sport Motorcycle?

How do you determine what the best dual sport motorcycle is? Once you decide what you are going to do with your new motorcycle, it is simple.

Understanding Difference Between Electric Mopeds and Scooters

Scooters and electric mopeds might look the same and have the same features – but they are still quite different. Learn what separates them from each other.

Choosing Motorcycle Luggage

One of the joys of owning a motorcycle is the freedom it gives you to take off whenever the notion takes you. However to get the most from your bike you’ll want to make sure you get suitable motorcycle luggage for your machine.

The Joy of the Harley Davidson Electra Glide

Imagine yourself, getting out of bed, feeling the fresh air enter through a small open window and heading outside to enjoy a long summer’s day. Now, take this image one step further and picture yourself exiting your home and climbing onto the double plush, firm leather seat of the touring style Harley Davidson. Imagine yourself leaving every day life behind, packing only what you need and heading off on an adventure. No map, no agenda, just you, your bike and the road. Sound intriguing?

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