RION Re90 | Let’s TEST the Manageability

Ride with OhManDan on the RION Re90 Demonstrating Performance Manageability

Motorcycles and the Gear

Once a biker picks out and purchases the motorcycle that best fits them and their riding style, there are other items a biker gets to purchase. These are riding gear items that the veteran riders know from experience, every rider gets to have. There are some items and gear that are a necessity and others that are accessories for the biker or the motorcycle, to set them apart from other riders.

Blue Ridge Parkway Motorcycle Road Trip

With summer here there is the feeling of wanting to break free, get on the motorcycle and take off. Time to get away from work, routine, and the have to’s in life. Across the United States there are mountain passes, desert land, ocean highways, vast farmland and more all waiting to be experienced and discovered.

Hana Highway – Hawaii Motorcycle Road Trip

There is nothing like taking off on a road trip on the back of a motorcycle. This is the way for riders to be one with their bike and one with their surroundings. It is freeing, a time to let go of work, and the have to’s in life.

BMW GS Motorcycles Have Given Adventure to the Bike Community

30 years ago BMW launched the GS Adventure motorcycle which was a new area for the German company and a new breed of motorbike for the world. However the Adventure bike never really took off until the late 90’s when other motorcycle manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon and produced their own hybrid Adventure models to compete with an increasing foothold that BMW were gaining in the hybrid market with their GS1150 AND R1200GS and Adventure model bikes. Up until that point ‘trail’ bikes were the only real option to road ‘naked’ bikes and ‘cruisers’ which commanded worldwide bike markets.

In the Trend For Electric Scooters

There is actually a bad misconception by some people. They say that electric scooters, when in contact with water molecules, explode. This is very untrue. Electric scooters are safe to be honest.

Keeping Your Motorcycle Visor From Fogging Up

Safety is number one priority when riding a motorcycle. Part of keeping yourself and others safe is not only buying the right equipment – but keeping it in good condition and usable. One of the most common issues is the visor fogging up, which can cause serious visibility issues. Here’s how to keep it nice and clean, fog free – and usable.

Electric Dirt Bikes – Fantastic Bike Experience

More and more hardcore riding junkies are hooked into riding bikes these days. Why? Perhaps because it is believed for being the source of ultimate gratification and excitement and yes indeed it is. When you start riding dirt bikes it instantly gives you an exhilarating sense of excitement.

Cleaner Parts – Introduce the Schedule of Cleanliness Into Your Fun of Off Roading

The usage of any kind of machine without its proper cleaning considerably reduces its efficiency. In order to keep your stuff in appropriate condition, extensive cleaning on certain regular intervals is essential.

Motorcycle Jackets and Other Riding Gear

One of the great experiences in life is seeing the world riding on the back of a motorcycle. This means you can smell the freshly cut hay while riding down the road alongside a hay field. You can also feel the warmth of the rising sun.

A Motorcycle Club of Sorts

We all have our own reasons for forsaking the plush air conditioned interiors of our automobiles for the adventure that is motorcycle riding. Whether it is the feel of the air rushing past you, or the unbelievably low gas bill, or your love of the roar of your bikes engine after a long day of work the result is the same: You, your bike, and the road. One thing that many prospective bikers do not realize is that this decision has an outcome unnoticed by outsiders.

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