Best Electric Scooter? The Nami Burn-e (Viper) is the Real Deal! Full Review

Introducing the Nami Burn-e Electric Scooter! Designed by renowned engineer Micheal Sha, the Burn-e is one of the most highly anticipated e-scooters to hit the market. We put the 72v monster through the paces, with a full review looking at top speeds, braking distances, off-roading, specs and loads more. We used 95kg & 75kg riders with a Dragy GPS performance box + GPS Android app, for improved accuracy.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Design and specification
06:56 – Off-roading
11:54 – Top speed test
16:40 – Acceleration
17:28 – Braking
19:11 – IP Settings

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