Dualtron Storm Real Top Speed – on a Pro Race Track!

We are at the world famous Goodwood Race Circuit, testing out some of the best electric scooters on the market and first up is the Dualtron Storm’s top speed test! The Storm boasts a 72V31.5AH LG battery and 3000 watts of motor power, making it one of the fastest e-scooters! We got 95kg and 75kg riders to put it to the test and demonstrate how ride weight can adversely affect top speed.

All top speeds were recorded with a Dragy GPS performance box, for accuracy.

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Ways to Avoid Mechanical Malfunction in Motorcycles

A properly maintained motorcycle will be much safer for riders and will help to ensure that your ride is as enjoyable as possible. There are few basic maintenance steps that you can take regularly to ensure your motorcycle is in good riding condition. These simple steps are especially crucial if you have not ridden your motorcycle for an extended period of time or it has been stored for a season.

Make Every Trip Enjoyable With The Right Motorcycle Clothing

Every year bikers all across the country decide to dig out their motorcycles from the snow and begin heading to rallies all across the country. When this time comes, they need to make sure that they have the proper motorcycle clothing for the environment that they will be in. The blazing hot sun in the summer is one of the natural enemies of the common biker.

Basic Preparation Procedures For Motorbike Tours

Participating in motorbike tours can be an adventure of a lifetime. Depending on the destination, you can feast your eyes on different natural landscapes and breathtaking views. For a successful motorcycle tour, make sure you cover all the essentials for the trip so you won’t have to worry about anything else and maximize your enjoyment of the trip.

Ideas In Buying Cheap Dirt Bikes

Are you planning to purchase a cheap dirt bike? Are you a beginner and is this going to be your first dirt bike? Well you are making the right decision on opting for a second hand dirt bike. But consider these ideas before you purchase one. These will help you get the best amongst all the worn out dirt bikes.

Secure Your Motorcycle – Best Anti-Theft Strategies

Lower the odds of your motorcycle being stolen. Stop determined thieves from taking your ride away by learning these motorcycle security system.

Top 3 Arai Helmets

Arai prides themselves on being one of very few successful family run businesses in the motorcycle helmet industry. Today they are one of the largest motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. Their company aim is to create the best, safest and most comfortable helmets possible.

Helpful Tips on Dealing With Motorcycle Accidents

This article provides advice to motorcyclists who have been in an accident. Be prepared by being familiar with this advice before an accident occurs.

New Bike Launches in India

Indian bike market has witnessed an onslaught of latest bikes in last two years. From popular Indian bike manufacturers like Bajaj, Hero Honda, TVS etc to international biking wizards like Suzuki, Harley Davidson & others, every company is trying to capture its share of success in Indian motorcycle743 industry. All these renowned automobile manufacturers have rolled out their best bikes on Indian roads.

The New Dual Clutch Transmission

The use of duel clutch transmission (DCT) is something that is still quite rare to see especially in motorcycles. There have been more used recently in high end automobiles. But, Honda has introduced the first DCT that is to be used on motorcycles. Honda’s DCT is light, and compact which means that it can be used with existing engines with hardly any layout modification.

Rundown of Top Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you can wear when riding your motorcycle, dirt bike or street bike. Second only to your motorcycle helmet, a good pair of motorcycle boots will completely cover your shins and guard your toes, heel, ankle, calf and shin while riding. The motorcycle industry is constantly coming out with new technological developments. Learn about the top motorcycle boots currently on the market.

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