Zero/Dual 11x 72V Electric Scooter Top Speed Run

We are at the world famous Goodwood Race Circuit, testing out some of the best electric scooters on the market and next we put the ZERO/Dual 11x through the paces! We used a 90kg rider on this run and all top speeds were recorded with a Dragy GPS performance box, for improved accuracy.

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Greener Motorcycle Headlights

The halogen lights you use for your motorcycle is not environmental friendly. They use a lot of energy and burns out frequently. Their light emission per energy ratio is also very bad. They are cheap, but you are killing the environment when you continue to use them. That is why you need to change to a better motorcycle headlight, Xenon or HID headlight. How HID help does save the environment? First of all HID uses less battery power than a halogen bulb. Comparing them side by side, the HID light will only use third of what the halogen light would use. Less more means time you have to recharge your motorcycle’s battery less often and thus saving the environment. They also have wider light coverage so you do not need bigger lights to shine your way or use more energy for that matter. Halogen headlights works by running electricity through…

Motorcycle Headlight Safety and Upgrades

There are several factors involved in motorcycle safety but the main one is the motorcycle headlight. According to a study by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), the most frequent cause of motorcycle right-of-way accidents is due to their inconspicuousness. Most of the motorists involved in these accidents always site that “I couldn’t see them” or “He came out of nowhere”. Manufacturers considered this study and since 1979 most, all of the motorcycles that are sold in the United States come with automatic-on headlamps, which make them more conspicuous and have reduced the right-of-way violations and accidents. A halogen headlight is a standard feature on all road ready motorcycles but some riders prefer to have a motorcycle headlight upgrade for added safety as well as a variety of different reasons.

Things To Know About Scooters

We see a lot of people riding scooters now a days, especially in the urban areas. Yes, these colorful, two-wheeled motor scooters are busting their way out of traffics and getting more public attention than they usually do. Why is that so?

Motorcycle Indicators and the Benefits of Having Spares

Motorcycle indicators have many benefits for motorcyclists if its improving visibility or just changing your motorbikes look. Having spare indicators is always a good idea as many motorcycle enthusiasts may have experienced the dreaded tight gaps and quick maneuvering while attempting to get through a traffic jam or to the front of the lights. This article will explain why having motorcycle indicator replacements are important and how they can change the whole look of a motorcycle.

Motorcycles for Sale – Get Your New Bike!

When you are going to buy your new motorcycle, there are a number of things to consider. This article will help you find your new bike, which is not only in your budget but is also a perfect riding companion! At very first place, you should control your excitement of buying a new bike.

The Yamaha R1 Motorcycle – Innovative Energy and Control

Yamaha R1 bikes have had a good status as one of the perfect sport bikes out there over the previous 10 years. When planning the 2009 Yamaha R1 motorbikes, the technicians were confronted with this puzzling dilemma: How does one excel on perfection? As Yamaha R1 motorbikes were already incorporating some of the best performing bike technology of the day, there was just one logical resolution to this issue: create latest technology! In 2009, Yamaha R1 motorcycles have went through a total redesign to add new innovations not seen on any other motorcycle.

Motorcycle Protective Clothing

To maintain the maximum level of safety when riding a motorbike, you need to wear the appropriate protective equipment. This includes jacket, pants, boots, gloves and of course a high quality helmet.

Custom Motorcycle Headlight Upgrades

When you want to change your motorcycle headlight, you often have the option to pick between a LED and HID headlight. You might be scratching your head right now wondering what their differences are and which one you should pick. Both of them shares some similarities yet at the same time they are very different. First, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. You would probably see them a lot in your computers, DVD players or game consoles.

Cheap Dirt Bikes Are Easy to Find

With the technology and innovative we have today, it seems that all the comforts of daily life are within our reach. The Internet for one is growing in terms of use. Ask anyone even a kid about surfing the net and they all know it. With the Internet, you can do almost everything and has then made things easier.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Training School

Around the country there are lots of different motorcycle schools available to choose from. Some are better known than others, but they all share the same common goal – to help you to pass your theory and practical tests and get out on the road to freedom. Not every school will be suited to you. You may not get along with the trainers for example.

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