Zero 9 unboxing – Electric Scooter Unboxing

During a recent photo shoot of Zero Electric Scooters I decided to do a short unboxing of the Zero 9. Thanks to my lovely bride for filming this video ๐Ÿ™‚
I happen to own the Zero 9 and absolutely love riding it ๐Ÿ™‚
Leave your comments down below ๐Ÿ™‚

Drive Shafts Versus Drive Chains In Motorcycles

What are the differences between motorcycles with a drive shaft versus a drive chain? Expense and weight are two of the driving forces in determining which one is used in your motorcycle today.

Trouble With My Motorcycle, Or Is It?

I’ve had very little maintenance expenses associated with my 1999 Kawasaki Concours. There was one instance in which the motorcycle died on me, but using some advice from strangers and a little luck, I was able to get the problem rectified. This story might help others that run into a similar situation on their motorcycle.

3 Ways to Sell Your Motorcycle

Selling a motorcycle or any type of vehicle carries with it a risk. To make sure that the selling of your motorcycle goes well and smooth you need to follow certain guidelines in order to minimize possible risks involved.

Biker to English Translation For New Motorcycle Riders

If you’re a new motorcycle rider, you might not be familiar with all the terms bikers use on a regular basis. We’re here to help you in your transition from novice to experienced rider, and assist with the language barrier along the way.

Motorcycle – The Economical Mode of Motorized Transport

Motorcycle is the most economical mode of motorized transport. It normally has two or three wheels. The majority of the motorcycles in the world are found in the developing countries. India and China are the largest users of these bikes.

Motorcycle Product Reviews: Stuff for Your Long Drive

I’m definitely not an enthusiast of fancy, high-tech bike gloves. In fact, in the past decade, my favorite gloves are actually a set of utilitarian, multi-use Olympia bike gloves which feature an adjustable high glove, along with strengthened knuckle and palm guards. And that’s about it! Basically, they’re basic motorbike gloves.

Why a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Is Safest

So you’ve bought a motorcycle. You can’t wait to get on it and feel the wind in your hair, but first… safety! You need to purchase a helmet, but don’t know which one to choose. There are so many different kinds on the market. Your best bet is a Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet.

Motorcycle Drivers Never Ride Without These

These are some of the latest gadgets for motorcycle lovers that are essential for all riders when out on the road. Whether your cruising the streets or on a cross country ride, you’ll definitely need these little gizmos. Read through the article and know more about them.

Leather Biker Chaps, Are They Just For Looks?

Leather and motorcycles go hand in hand. You shouldn’t have one without the other. Read about leathers and the purpose they serve.

Motorcycle Communications

If you are out with a group of friends on their motorcycles and you want to communicate while riding, what is the best method? There are many options available, including radios, Bluetooth, and boom microphones. We’ll go over the positives and negatives of each solution.

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