Zero 9 Electric Scooter Range Test – Big Guy Review

I popped out yesterday for a ride and figured I would see how far I could go 🙂
Turns out pretty far 🙂
I started at the Zero Mile mark in Victoria and traveled out to almost Langford approx 9 kms (5 miles) and then turned around and rode back and through parts of downtown…total 20.1 km or about 12.5 miles which for a big guy like me is amazing 🙂
I did put the scooter in 1st gear power setting for the trip so maintained a comfortable speed of approx 24 km/h about 15 mph and I find this a very smooth and relaxing speed 🙂
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Bike History: The Crocker Motorcycle

Reading articles that look back in history makes me more passionate about my love for motorcycles. The Crocker bikes significantly became a collector’s other Holy Grail due to it’s long heritage from the start of the century. Looking at these pictures makes me think how has the motorcycle evolved from simple machines to speed devils. Read through my page and enjoy your flash back in time!

Tips on Defensive Motorcycle Driving

Tips to help you become a defensive Motorcyclist. That will in return increase the safety of your rides. Also extra tips to increase the visibility of you on the road.

Give A Thought To Motorcycle Saddlebags

Storage compartments for your motorcycle. Saddlebags are virtual trunks.

Sizing for All Sized Motorcycle Helmets

When you are considering buying a new fiber carbon motorcycle helmet there are many things to consider. Do you want a full helmet, a 3/4 helmet, or a half helmet? Do you want the visor to flip up or not? Do you need a small, medium, or large? Maybe you need an even bigger sized helmet!

A Vintage Harley’s Trip to Life

On any weekend back in the mid-1960s you could stroll to any small community in America and you’d most likely see an old H-D such as this left right in front of a bar or tavern. Chances are, too, that the Harley glistens under the beam of streetlights or neon lights that lit up the streetscape.

Road Trip Product Reviews: 3-In-1 Jacket

We all know, when it comes to packing up for a long drive on your bikes, space for storage is a big challenge. So imagine my delight as soon as I saw the JakPak, a waterproof jacket that can also be transformed into a sleeping bag then also a mini-tent basically enabling me take away several big and space-consuming gear from my ‘things to bring’ list.

Avoiding Common Accidents on Your Motorcycle

As all riders know, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Every time a rider takes to the road, they are in effect putting their life in danger. Therefore, for riders, new and experienced, it’s important to know how to avoid common accidents when on your motorcycle.

Tips to Take Home a Motorcycle

Of course people like to dream and when it comes to dreaming, many youngsters are willing to own quality motorbikes which can run swiftly amidst the crowd. In fact it is a thrill driving the vehicle in hilly regions, terrains, small lanes, deserts, seashore and riverside valleys.

An Enthusiast’s Classic Motorcycle Barn-Museum

During early 70’s, I was in search of JD parts to an old 1924 H-D basket case I had picked up low priced in an AMC meet in Schenectady, in the big apple. After much searching, I discovered Bill’s Custom Cycles in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. A call confirmed they had many of the components I’d been trying to find, so I took my mother’s car, grabbed my buddy Ricky Politi, and off we went to rural Pennsylvania on the hunt for a biker’s gold! Found in a block building somewhere near the highway, I felt hesitant of what to expect from the shop. As I went in, the building opened up into a large room, the angels started to come down singing, and bright light flashed and focused in one spot from the heavens. I realized that I was indeed in the correct place.

Interphone GPS / Phone Holders – Easy Waterproof Solution For Use On Your Motorcycle Handle Bars

Phones, MP3 players and GPS units have grown into “necessities” and can be very useful on your motorcycle for long distance rides. But how do you mount them where you can see them and what if you hit a rain shower on your route. We tested the Interphone GPS and Phone holder and this is what we found.

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