Zero 8x Review – Electric Scooter Review Zero 8x – Big Guy Review

A terrific ride yesterday reviewing the Zero 8x, borrowed from the amazing folks at Ride the Glide here in Victoria. Michael helped out with shooting B-Roll, setting up the gear and following me around with ideas to help make this video that much better.

I really enjoyed the Zero 8x, the throttle was peppy when in dual motor mode, the handling was smooth, suspension solid…it was a weekend warrior’s fun machine for sure 🙂

What do you think?
Which scooters should I do comparisons with?

The Right to Be Called a Classic

Many bike producers have attached the name “classic” to several types. Their specific motorcycles might be classic regarding the primary design, but in actuality you’ll find nothing classic on them in any way. They are all pretenders relying on a name to establish presence. Not the case with the Heritage Softail Classic, one launched in 1986 that paid tribute to the old Hydra Glide of 1949.

Why Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

The vast majority of keen motorcyclists would say that one of the things they love the most about riding is the thrill and excitement they get from it. With nothing but a long road ahead of you, the temptation to hit eye-popping speeds is always too hard to resist.

Summer Motorcycle Travel Tips

When summer comes around, avid motorcyclists plan their trips across county, state and even country lines in anticipation of the warm weather, excellent road conditions and plenty of opportunities to meet up with other riders. However, riding in the summer also has its fair share of hazards that, fortunately, can be offset by good preparation.

Summer Motorcycle Riding Safety – Beating the Heat

If they want to see the best sceneries on the route during the summer season, riders must deal with the sun’s blazing heat as well as the dry air. Here are tips to effectively beat the heat while traveling on your motorcycle.

Extreme Safety – The World’s Very Best Padlock and Chain

We’ve talked about safety; now let’s talk about extreme safety. If you want to be as safe as it is physically possible, you need to get THE world’s safest padlock and the world’s strongest chain to go with it. With padlocks the story is a bit interesting, because you don’t necessarily need to brake one in order to open it; you can pick it.

Bike Tech: Good Old Wheels or Rim Building

Everybody knows nearly anything goes when building motorcycles and mixing old items with new has become common. But why don’t you consider voyaging into unknown territories and utilizing varied elements that have rarely ever been combined earlier?

For The Road

Hitting the road to Arkansas. Need to give my bike a thorough ‘do-over’ and think about what I need to bring along.

Why Take A Motorcycle Safety Course?

Whether you are an experienced rider or just learning to ride, motorcycle safety is serious business. Keeping safety in mind when riding will make the experience fun for years to come.

Top Tips for Riding Your Motorbike Safely

Riding a motorbike is the most dangerous form of road transport, and although motorbike accident claims are there as a last resort to ensure you are compensated for the injuries and damages you receive, it is far better not to have an accident in the first place. Here are three tips to help you ride safely off into the sunset.

Turning It Over

  I sat there at the gas station, having filled my motorcycle up with a tank of clean wonderful premium unleaded. Noting that it now costs as much to fill my Road Glide as it used to for my Expedition. I won’t tell you what it now costs to fill the Expedition, that’s another rant.

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