Zero 11x vs Kaboo Wolf Warrior II vs Dualtron Thunder – Electric Scooter Comparison Review

Zero 11x vs Kaboo Wolf Warrior II vs Dualtron Thunder – Electric Scooter Comparison Review

Wolf Warrior 11 vs Zero 11X vs Dualtron Thunder
Electric Scooter Head to Head Comparison

Finally here’s the first of the comparison videos that I’ve been promising 🙂
Today I compare the Wolf Warrior 11 vs Zero 11X vs Dualtron Thunder
I’ve done reviews of these before but not head to head 🙂

Here are the reviews for each:

Dualtron Thunder

Wolf Warrior 11

Zero 11X

Zero 11X
72V 32Ah LG
Dual 1,600W motors
52.2 kg / 115 lbs
Max 95 km/h
50 – 100 km
11″ tires
Off Road tires
Front and rear hydraulic coil spring
Zoom 160 mm hydraulic disc
Front and Rear lights
Generic Display

Wolf Warrior 11
60V 35Ah LG
Dual 1,200W motors
46 kg / 101 lbs
Max 80 km/h
60 – 130 km
11″ tires
Tubeless pneumatic
Street tires
Front hydraulic and rear spring suspension
Zoom 160 mm Hydraulic disc brakes
Front / Rear and mood lights
Minimotors EY3 Display

Dualtron Thunder
60V 35Ah LG
MAX 5,400 watt dual hub motor
43 kg / 95 lbs
Max 80 km/h
60 – 130 km
11″ Ultra Wide tires
Tubeless pneumatic
Street Tires
Adjustable rubber suspension
Nutt 160 mm hydraulic disc with ABS
Front / Rear and changeable mood lights
Minimotors EY3 Display

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