Zero 11X Electric Scooter Review – Big Guy Electric Scooter Review – Filmed in 4K

Today I had the opportunity to try out the Zero 11x and do a quick review.
Thank you to Ride the Glide here in Victoria for lending me the scooter for the review 😉

Specifications :
72V 32Ah LG
Dual 1,600W motors
52.2 kg / 115 lbs
Max 95 km/h
50 – 100 km
11″ tires
Off Road tires
Front and rear hydraulic coil spring
Zoom 160 mm hydraulic disc
Front and Rear lights
Generic Display

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Thank you 🙂

Do-It-Yourself: Creating Your Own Power Cables

For custom bike builders, being creative and making use of surrounding scrap materials has been an instinct to most of them. It can save some of the budget in putting up a bike. Today, I will give a quick run on how to build your own quality power cables. You’ll find it rather simple when you accomplish this part of the project.

The Secret Motorcycle Signal

To be clear I’m not talking about the mechanical hand signals that they teach you on the motorcycle safety class. Those are still useful and by the way are still used especially when group riding. What I am talking about is at the highest level is simply the greeting that one rider pays to another when passing on the road.

Running on Empty: 7 Life Lessons From Our Motorcycle on Energy Efficiency

Life Lessons from our Motorcycles is a series exploring the lessons we learn through riding. In this issue, we examine the wisdom our bikes impart regarding energy consumption.

7 Life Lessons From Motorcycles on Communications

Here, we examine the 7 ways our bikes teach us about communications. The basic communications model is simple. There’s a sender and a receiver. In between are filters. Often it’s not what we say but how we say it that carries the meaning. Responses are influenced by the verbal and non-verbal messages that get through to the receiver after they’ve been filtered.

Looking For Coffee Row

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning is to get up early, hop on my motorcycle and go for breakfast. I guess it comes from my wheat farmer background up there in Saskatchewan just south of Saskatoon. For you southerners that’s in Canada just a few ticks of latitude North of Minot North Dakota.

GPS Systems for Motorcycles – Hunting for the Best

To get lost while driving ends up in a dreadful scenario even if you are riding a bike or a car and it is difficult to find good GPS systems for motorcycles as the choices are limited. When you get lost while you are in a hurry to reach the destination you simply can’t afford the loss. Everything can happen in a fraction of second building up a tensed situation and here patience is the first thing that you lose.

A Simple And Easy Way to Tweak Your Main Chain

The design of a Big Twin’s Powertrain is non-unitized. Which is, the gearbox is attached individually from the engine, which means the two components must be connected so that it can transfer power. That is where the main drive, inside that huge aluminum case near the rider’s left foot, takes into action.

Don’t Detail Your Motorcycle

In regards to that ever burning question should I or should I not clean and detail my bike. The answer should be clear, NO! Absolutely NOT. Don’t ever clean your bike much less detail it.

6 Most Popular Motorcycle Fairings and Features

What is it about motorcycle fairings that catch your attention? Do you like the flashy ones adorned with decals, or perhaps the custom varieties painted to look like your favorite MotoGP team? Fairings are much more than just a stylish addition to your bike.

Keeping It Vertical

One of the problems that many of us have in the motorcycle land yacht world(otherwise known as the HD big twin) is that the only thing we’ve got to hold the motorcycle up is that dang peg known as the Jiffy side stand. I’m six foot six inches and somewhat north of fifty years of age, working on the motorcycle especially on the left side of a bike leaned over on its side stand is a pain in most of my back. I like a clean motorcycle.

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