Zero 10 Unboxing – Electric Scooter Unboxing – Epic Fail!

Special thank you to Ride the Glide here in Victoria for lending me the scooter for unboxing and shooting 🙂
Two more unboxing to come 🙂

A Great Fall Ride

We went for a great fall motorcycle ride, enjoying the nice fall colors. Wearing appropriate clothing can make a fall ride very enjoyable. Always dress warmly, a cold rider is a cranky rider.

Pleasure of Driving Mini Bikes

Is your kid passionate about driving bikes? Why don’t you buy a mini bike for your child? As the name suggests, mini bikes are small sized go karts or pocket bikes, designed for passionate bikers and hobbyists. These motorcycles usually have a petrol engine. Some of the most commonly found models are 39cc or 49cc, but with the advancement of technology you can now find 200cc bikes with a higher engine displacement.

Motorcycle Riders and Pedestrians Beware of Cars With High-Tech Features

As a motorcycle rider, I’ve always wondered how motorists will look right at me, and then pull out in front of me anyway. Do they want me to slam into them — are they trying to kill me — I mean what gives anyway? Well, these days we have far too many drivers who are distracted by their personal tech toys, text messaging, or their in car high-tech gadgets.

Motorcycle Batteries: How to Choose the Perfect Battery for Your Needs

Choosing the correct Battery for your Motorcycle is crucial. We look at how you should find the perfect motorcycle battery.

Mid-West Adventure

A great trip, we would recommend it to anyone. Get out there and start exploring.

What to Look for When Buying a Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

A good men’s motorcycle jacket can sometimes be a difficult thing to choose. Things people are looking for may vary. There is style, durability, warmth, weight, comfort and protection to name a few.

Gear Up for Your Ride With Men and Women Biker Jewelry

Being a biker not only requires the right edge and attitude, but the right gear as well. To evoke a biker feeling, both men and women need to have the right accessories. One may not think that accessories and bikers go in the same sentence, but bikers need the right jewelry for both practical and fashionable purposes.

Motorcycle Deaths and Cycle Involved Accidents – An Upward Trend, But Why?

Indeed, I’ve noticed a number of pedestrian, bicycle, moped, and motorcycle accidents in our local paper in the last year or so. But the question is why? That is to say; why is this happening in our nice suburban city with big cross walks, golf cart sized bike lanes, and ultra wide driving lanes? Why would this be happening when everyone is driving a newer model car with better brakes, good visibility, and at a time when there are fewer cars on the road perhaps due to increased fuel costs?

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter

Winter motorcycle preparation is important to help keep your motorbike running in tip top condition through the winter months. Don’t get caught short, here is a list of thing to check and do before winter hits. Coolant- Fill the system with anti-freeze to protect your bike.

Crash Protection for Supermoto Bikes Make Riding Safe

No doubt about it, Supermoto brings out the daredevil in riders. Even newcomers or sorely tempted to drive fast, do wheelies and stoppies, ride up steps, you name it. You’ll speed down trails and whip around corners. It’s almost inevitible that at some point you’ll crash. Fortunately, there are some extras that you can add to your bike for crash protection.

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