Worthy Dual Motor Electric Scooter | Varla Eagle One

With a dual 1000W motor, you can easily tackle ramps with up to 30 degrees inclines.👹
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What is a Pocket Bike?

So you’ve heard people talking about the pocket bike, and are wondering what it is? Read on and we will explain to you why these miniature sized motorbikes continue to increase in popularity around the world.

Should I Get OEM Or Aftermarket Parts For My Motorcycle?

This is usually a difficult question to answer, and most of the time the answer is… “it depends.” First you have to know what you are looking for, and then get enough appropriate information to make the best decision for your particular bike.

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Tires

Tires are the most important component in motorcycle safety! Here’s a checklist you can use to make certain your tires are in good working order.

Bobber Kits – A Bobber in Every Box

Bobber kits contain all the parts you need to build a bobber. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the question begs to be asked – what is a bobber? It sounds like some sort of thingamabob you use when fishing. Well, admittedly, there is something called a bobber in the world of fishing, but the bobber in question here is the type of motorcycle called a bobber. Why the name bobber? Because of the way that the rear fender is “bobbed” or cut short, like the tail on a bobcat.

Complete Motorcycle Kits – Wrench to Ride

Complete motorcycle kits are just what they sound like – kits with all the parts you would need to build a motorcycle. A few extra bits and pieces in case you lose a screw or two may also be included, but basically everything inside the box will be used to make one single vehicle – wheels, engine, drive belts and chains, frame, seat, fork, handlebars, and electrical parts, they are all in there. The question that needs asking is, therefore, why offer motorcycles in kit form? Isn’t it better to just sell the vehicles pre-built? Well, there are practical reasons behind this, as well as historical ones.

Motocross Racing Latest Developments

Motocross racing is very popular in a lot of places around the world, especially in Southern California and Florida. It involves all terrain biking as well as performing freestyle stunts on metal ramps like jumps, back flips and so on. Even among non bikers, motocross events commands a huge fan following.

Want to Build a Custom Chopper? You Have Several Options

Although there are many kits available today which come with all the necessary parts to build a custom chopper some people still prefer to purchase the parts they need for themselves. However, you need to be aware that the costs for these parts will considerably more than if you were to go for one of the complete motorcycle kits you can purchase.

Cross Drilled Rotors Boost Performance

One of the problems facing any consumer is trying to narrow down their options and choose between the best products for them, based on a great number of options. Sadly, a lot of firms may not have the best product but can cover up their deficiencies through clever marketing or great price offers.

Motorcycle Leather Types and Quality

When choosing a leather garment, what do you look for? Consider the use of the item selected for the correct type and quality of leather. It makes all the difference.

Custom Motorcycle Wheels Purchase

This article will help the consumer in the largest purchase they will make for their motorcycle, wheels. Custom motorcycle wheels will change your bike, be sure it’s a change you will be happy with!! This will help guide you through the motorcycle wheel purchase, from initial research, to install.

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