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The Necessity of Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are one accessory which is very useful for the safety of the bikers. There are many bikers who do not realize the value of a helmet and thus ride their bikes without it. However, people who do wear the helmets can go wrong too.

The Community That Continues to Shape the Motorcycle Experience

There are many reasons why we ride Motorcycles. The trill and excitement of speed and banking round bends. Thinking you are Barry Sheene racing round Oulton Park against Kenny Roberts or Mick Grant but the Motorcycle Community for me is the biggest attraction. Here is an insight to maybe what you are missing. Read on and enjoy.

Suzuki Motorcycles – An Introduction

Suzuki motorcycles are one of the most influential bike manufacturers in the world today. They are one of the four big Japanese motorcycle companies and produce motorbikes of all sizes. They have been producing bikes for over 50 years and show no sign of slowing up.

Dirt Motor Bikes – Find the Most Popular Tracks in New Zealand

Owning a dirt motor bike is a fun activity that has plenty of room to be appreciated in the wide open country of New Zealand. There are plenty of different places to ride in New Zealand, including many tracks and parks that are set up specifically for motocross riders and their friends. There are plenty of sand dunes thanks to the coastal nature of the country, and there are plenty of parks, farms, and motor bike clubs that offer riding tracks for hobby riders and even those who want to ride professionally.

Farm Trail Bike – Great for Dairy Farmers

A farm trail bike is a critical piece of equipment for dairy farmers in New Zealand. Yamaha has some of the best farm trail bikes available on the market, and these machines can be used for many years. In order to get things done every day, having equipment like this is almost essential. Farmers who are looking for a better way to get the job done can depend on a wide selection of farm trail bikes from Yamaha for their needs.

Pleasure Hero Honda – A Complete Review

Hero Honda bikes and scooters are a top selling brand. They have been producing bikes since 1984 when Hero Group from India collaborated with Honda Motors of Japan. Hero Honda is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer as they sell the maximum volume of bikes per year and they manufacture a wide range of bikes such as the Splendour, the CD-Dawn, the Honda Karizma, Glamour and now they have even entered the scooter market with the Pleasure Hero Honda. This Honda scooter actually targets lady drivers and comes with a very catchy slogan that says’ Why should boys have all the fun”.

If Your Motorcycling Rides Are With More Than Six

Ask any one that rides a motorcycle, they have a lot of fun and of course it’s more fun when you ride with a group of other riders and better still if your group has an intercom system to stay in touch with each other, which is better still but than the affordability of having one is another issue. Before any outing a motorcycle rider should wear protective clothing like a leather jacket, leather vest, backpack for essentials and than you are all set.

Apache RTR 180 – A Review of the Magnificent Bike

The RTR 180 Apache is TVS Motors latest variant of the award winning Apache series and it is incorporated with additional features and a more powerful engine, creating a revolution in the racing world. It continues having all sophisticated features such as digital speedometer which looks really outstanding when viewed at night. The speedometer has a new white back -light. The digital display is capable of testing the top speed achieved. It is also possible to test your 0-60 km/h timing with the help of this digital display.

I’m a New Motorcycle Rider, What Is the Best Protective Gear for Road Cruising?

I’m a novice rider so I need to inquire of some riders smart clothing habits, and what clothing to wear is important for my safety. Leather is very popular especially a leather jacket is great mostly because it protects you in the cold and you can easily remove it if it becomes too hot.

How to Change a Motorcycle Battery – In Easy Stages

A quick and to the point explanation of how to change a Motorcycle battery. We have all struggle in the past to find and and replace your battery, hopefully this short article will help you.

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