Wolf Warrior 11 Review – Collaboration with Electron Surfer

Today’s a special video as I met up with Jim from the Electron Scooter YouTube Channel an electric scooter review channel that has been growing over the last two years. Join me as we discuss
Canada vs. USA riding, rules and regulations
Range vs Weight – Predictions from my riding some Electric Scooters
And my thoughts on the Wolf Warrior II days before Jim receives his personal machine.
Did he make a good decision?

Here’s a link to join his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUigEKCW51H6tqkTbFztX3A
Do subscribe to his channel, let’s help him get to 2000 Subscribers! 🙂

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Your Motorcycle Tires Are The Most Important Components Of Your Motorcycle, Ride With Confidence

The two most important components of your motorcycle are your tires and your tires. I think you get my point. Unlike a car or a passenger vehicle, we only have two tires. Making sure that we know all there is to know about these two key elements of your motorcycle, and maintaining them properly is vital. I would like to point out several areas of concern. In addition, we will discuss some steps and procedures to keep these key components performing to the highest safety standards.

How to Save Even More Money When Buying Used Sportbike Parts

This is a quick tip that will likely save you hundreds of dollars when making you next purchase of used parts for your sportbike. Be sure to take this to heart because this could be the different of being able to get a good deal or getting smokin’ deal!

The Basics of Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Statistics show that a motorcyclist is twenty one times per driven mile more likely to be killed than persons driving cars. This risk decreases by 29% if a helmet is worn. But, opponents to helmet laws cite freedom of choice as to whether or not they should wear a helmet, regardless of what the statistics show based on the thought that it didn’t hurt anyone except themselves. Wrong! The numbers showed that more likely than not, those that chose “freedom of choice” and didn’t wear helmets, usually chose not to have insurance as well. Currently only three states do not have mandatory helmet laws.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Spring Riding

It’s a new year, and sooner than we know it spring will be upon us – which means motorcycle riding will resume! Before heading out, checking out safety of your bike is most important.

Read About The Few Reasons Why Your Next Bike Should Be Custom Built

A man’s bike is his world and due to this known fact, men spend thousands of dollars just to make sure that there bikes are of the best quality and that the bike is up to the speed that they require. While you can simply go into a store and search until you find a bike that meets your qualifications.

Motorcycle All-Stars

This article will look at some of these all stars and their contributions to the motorcycle community. Hopefully some of these all stars can inspire you to enjoy your motorcycle hobby a little more.

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift

With Christmas just around the corner, people all over the world are having a last-minute panic about what to buy for friends and loved ones. This can be a difficult task, especially if you want to buy something extra special but don’t know where to start.

Combining Our Passion For Riding Motorcycles With Helping Those In Need

When was the last time you gave to your favorite charity? Did you drop a little change in the red bucket in front of the department store this holiday season? I am going to make a fair assumption and say that most of you did in fact donate this holiday season in some capacity. But did you know that many times when you see a group of bikers riding on that Saturday or Sunday afternoon that they are doing exactly the same thing?

How to Cut the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance

With relentless inflation, we are faced with the increasing costs of everything from food, to gas, to insurance rates. Do not despair, there are certainly ways to combat the increasing costs of motorcycle insurance. Finding affordable motorcycle insurance is not an easy task, especially if you calculate all the risks involved in riding your speedy motor bike. Thankfully, there are provisions in place to help you find a cheap yet still comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy that will suit your needs.

Triumph Speedmaster Review

This article gives an introduction to the Triumph Speedmaster motorcycle. It tells of my experience buying my first motorbike.

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