Why the Newest Exotic Electric Scooter is So Close to Perfect | INOKIM OXO SCOOTER REVIEW

The Inokim OXO (http://bit.ly/38YptEO) is beautiful, with the look and feel of a luxury exotic car. But/So what keeps it from being perfect?

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Basics: 00:59
Price: 01:19
Performance: 01:26
Ride Quality: 02:23
Build Quality: 06:55
Portability/Trunk Test: 08:35
Nigh Lights: 09:33
Safety: 11:26
Ramier’s Ride Report: 11:40
Pros/Cons: 12:05
Conclusion: 12:23

Inokim OXO First Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve7pbl89WVc
Inokim OXO Review: https://youtu.be/g913Qis9YHw
Inokim OXO Written Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/inokim-oxo-review/
Purchase link: https://geni.us/6Y1E
Griptape link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BGC6R2Q/

Apollo Pro 60v: https://geni.us/fNTDBaV
Kaabo Mantis Pro: https://geni.us/l8XNjj
Minimotors Dualtron Eagle Pro: https://geni.us/3ATBxbG

ESG’s Top 10 Accessories Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/3aqtWOk

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Replacing Spun Motorcycle Bearings

After a few track days Steve’s motorcycle felt sluggish and notchy when falling into turns. With the rear tire in the air, Steve grabbed the rear rim at 3 and 6 o’clock, pushed with his left hand and pulled with his right hand and determined the cause of the problem. The symptoms of a spun bearing are straightforward to diagnose and include: a notchiness felt when moving or spinning the bearing; the bearing moves with difficulty; and a noticeable deflection is felt when lateral force is applied to the bearing.

Speedometer Options for Your Motorcycle

Sean’s heart sank when he saw the police car in his rear view mirror yet no speedometer on his handlebar. The worst part about riding a track motorcycle on the street is that you are riding something purpose-built to go fast at the expense of comfort and consistency. Give yourself the added comfort of knowing how fast you are going and how much gas is in your tank by installing a speedometer on your motorcycle.

How to Be Safe When Riding a Motorcycle

When looking at a motorcycle, you think, what a saving that would be on your gas bill getting upwards of 70 miles to the gallon, but, how dangerous are these motorcycles? According what I’ve been reading very dangerous. It is 28 times per vehicle mile more likely you will die on a motorcycle as it is that you will die in a car or truck.

Will Buying Repo Motorcycles Save You Money?

A motorcycle can be repossessed from its owner if he or she defaults on pre-agreed payments. Once the motorbike is reposed, it is branded as a repo motorcycle because technically speaking it is not new, but again it may not be old either.

Run Cooler Motorcycles

A motorcycle’s suspension is a thankless job as it tries to isolate riders from the irregularity of the road. With every fork compression and expansion your motorcycle’s fork oil gets hotter and eventually loses viscosity. As the oil loses viscosity your forks compress easier and easier, and since there is no more added rebound your suspension wallows and the bumps in the road become bumps felt in your handlebars and seat.

Textile Versus Leather Riding Gear

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched,” explained professional boxer Mike Tyson. The same goes for motorcycling, as you are lucky until the day you get hit by the ground. When that day happens good motorcycle riding gear will protect you against the initial impact of hitting something and the subsequent abrasion as you slide to a halt.

Taking Back Power

What started out as a motorcycle that was getting harder and harder to start progressed into a loud tap-tap-tapping sound when the bike finally turned over. The motorcycle was down on power while getting disproportionately bad miles per gallon of gas.

Cheap Faster Motorcycles

You can throw a lot of money into not riding a motorcycle any faster. After spending $1000 on a shiny new exhaust system, would you have the courage to tell your friends let alone yourself that the bike doesn’t go any faster? To get the most miles per hour from your buck spend more time than money to go faster on the cheap.

How to Deal With and Care Properly for the Brakes on Your Motorcycle

Transitioning from a fast straight to a bus stop right hand turn is not the time to be thinking about upgrading your brakes. Unlike engine modifications that can easily go awry, upgrading your brakes requires a little patience, time and a few tools to make you stop more precisely in no time at all.

How to Install Motorcycle Chains and Sprockets

Mechanics is part precision, part caveman. Knowing when to use a 1/4 drive sprocket and when to use a 1/2 drive breaker bar is the difference between cutting out early and staying late to cut new threads. Changing your motorcycle chain is largely a caveman endeavor but you will need some brains to accompany your brawn.

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