Why the Evolv Tour XL is Safety, Style and Speed | Evolv Tour XL Review

The Evolv Tour XL (https://geni.us/KA3jLF) is a futuristic scooter with a great combination of safety, style and speed.

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$74 USD/ $100 CAD off

Intro: 00:00
Basics: 1:15
Performance: 2:09
Portability: 4:21
Trunk Test: 5:07
How to lock: 5:15
Ride Quality: 5:35
Build Quality: 6:45
Safety Features: 8:36
Customer Service: 9:46
Pros/Cons: 10:14
Who’s it For?: 10:39

Purchase Link: https://geni.us/KA3jLF
Coupon Code: escooterguide
Written Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/evolv-tour-xl-plus-review/
Featured in ESG Live #47: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uao1F4lFZeE
Performance Tests: https://electric-scooter.guide/comparisons/electric-scooter-performance-tests/

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Apollo Explore: https://geni.us/xKxYChS
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ESG’s Top 10 Accessories Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/3aqtWOk

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