Who will win? Vsett10+ vs Zero10x vs Dualtron Eagle

We are at the world famous Goodwood Race Circuit, testing out some of the best electric scooters on the market.

Next up is the 60V, we put the Zero10x, Dualtron Eagle and VSETT 10+ up against each other, to see who rules the 60V catergory!

Interested in purchasing a Dualtron Eagle, VSETT10+ or Zero10X –




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Looking For A Farm Trail Bike? Yamaha Is The Brand To Look For

Farm trail bikes are an essential part of most farmers’ daily routines. Finding quality, durable and reliable motorbikes is a must, as these machines are used several times a day – and at night during the calving and lambing season for example. A well established and globally recognised brand that delivers on these credentials is Yamaha.

Motorbike Theory Test Topics

The motorbike theory test that riders must pass to obtain their motorbike license covers a broad range of topics. The type and scope of information tested is discussed here.

Motorbike Licence Types

A motorbike licence in the UK can be of several types. How you train and test determines what type of bike licence you get, and what kind of bike you can ride. Get the facts here.

Motorbike Accessories – Need of the Hour

When motorbikes were first introduced, they came with minimum accessories like side bags or grip covers but today motorbike accessories have become the need of the hour. With the increase in vehicles all around motorcycle riders need all kinds of protection, natural and unnatural.

Buy Cheap Motorcycle Parts

Buy Cheap Motorcycle Parts Online. Large selection of parts, spares & accessories for all major motorcycle models including Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki.

Seeking The Possibilities Encircling Custom Motocross Graphics

When it comes to the professional dirt bike sport, outside of talent the next significant area to cover is found with image. In a sport with hundreds of participants, image helps to build fan recognition which will help in attracting sponsors looking to invest in not just the best riders but the most recognizable riders.

Create An Image With Custom Dirt Bike Graphics

Motocross is one of the quickest growing sports which is found around the world. This sport combines the strength and stamina of a high endurance sport with the pace and power of a motorbike. Not only are more people taking part in the sport each year but its recreational opportunities are being adopted by many.

How to Reduce Motorcycle Accidents

Riding on a motorcycle has many benefits going with it. For one, you get to squeeze your way through traffic since its small size can go through vehicles. Another basic benefit is that you have more access to many areas unlike the other motorists whose huge vehicle size limits them from penetrating to packed areas. However, in spite of the motorcycle having many benefits, most people are afraid of riding them, as they are afraid of getting an accident or getting hurt. This is a misconception and by taking a few precautions, it is possible to reduce the accidents…

Warning – Don’t Buy Electric Scooter Before Reading This

The performance and range of store bought electric scooter may leave you disappointed. There is much better way to spend your money if you want an electric vehicle.

Motocross Boot Features

Motocross boots are the most important gear that is needed for this type of sport. The helmet is just a close second in importance. You can get away with not wearing a helmet but you will soon give up without boots. They protect the rider from rocks and other debris that are dislodged by the tires of the rider before you. It also protects the rider’s legs from being crushed by a fallen machine.

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