What Is the Best Dual Motor Extreme Scooter? | ESG Liveshow #69

Tonight, Chuck, Paul and Raimer will debate which dual motor extreme scooter is the alpha beast!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11: https://geni.us/TYWBdv
Kaabo Mantis Pro: https://geni.us/l8XNjj
Apollo Pro 60v: https://geni.us/fNTDBaV
Dualtron Eagle Pro: https://geni.us/3ATBxbG
Inokim OXO: https://geni.us/6Y1E

Pre-Show: 00:00
Intro: 00:22
ESG Photo Friday: 04:50
Community Content: 12:22
Next Scooters: 26:15
Deal of the Week: 27:45
Dual Motor Showdown: 29:29
Round 1 | Performance/Power: 31:30
Round 2 | Ride Quality: 37:53
Round 3 | Build Quality: 48:24
Round 4 | Safety: 54:25
Round 5 | Portability: 1:00:28
Round 6 | Big Dawg Approved: 1:06:09
Micromobility News: 1:14:03
Facebook Giveaway: 1:15:40

Source: Fluid Freeride
Deal: Kaabo Mantis Pro: https://geni.us/vbv3JI
Discount Code: MANTISINJAN250 ($250 discount)


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**Nox Cycles offers e-bike duo with single motor and battery for shared use: https://electrek.co/2021/01/06/nox-packages-two-electric-bicycles-single-shared-motor-battery/
**Sweden introduces “one-minute city” model for neighborhood planning: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-01-05/a-tiny-twist-on-street-design-the-one-minute-city
**Segway introduces shared e-bike, Ninebot Urban A200: https://b2b.segway.com/segway-technology/meet-the-ninebot-urban-a200-segways-first-shared-e-bike/

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Some Good Features That You Can Find With A Motorcycle

Did you know that the first motorcycle was manufactured in Germany in 1885. Since then there has been a lot of change and improvement in its design and technology. As well with so many companies manufacturing motorcycles there is a lot to choose from varying from mopeds to heavy racing bikes.

Counter-Steering Motorcycles: Effects and Ramifications

I had ridden a motorcycle for many years before I understood, or was even aware of the term “counter-steering”. Then in a few seconds I experienced first-hand, the laws of physics as they apply to motorcycles and two wheel vehicles.

A Denim Motorcycle Jacket

One invention that preceded all of these was that of denim fabric. Denim is a rugged cotton twill textile or fabric that is woven in a way that gives it the familiar diagonal ribbing design that we all recognize as denim. This fabric has been used in United States since the late 18th century.

History Of A Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

The next natural step was that motorcycle jackets would be designed to protect a rider while out on the road. A vintage motorcycle jacket would have most likely been made out of horse hide, steer hide or brown goatskin. In the 1920’s-1930’s the aviator style jackets with a button front closure and mandarin collar were popular. These jackets were like the A-1 jackets used by the Army Air Corp before World War II. These are also called bomber jackets. They were worn to keep the pilots warm since their cockpits were not heated.

Motorcycles And The Extras

One of the fun things about having a motorcycle, besides the freedom, the rush and the adventure, is getting all the accessories that go along with it. The bike alone is an extension of the rider, it says something about who they are and their riding style. The riding gear a biker chooses to wear does this also, and the accessories a biker can get for their motorcycle further makes it their own and personalizes it.

Girls Motorcycle Jacket

Just like there is a woman’s motorcycle jacket for every woman rider, there is a girls motorcycle jacket for every girl that rides. Girls motorcycle jackets come in some of the same styles as the women’s, and in the same colors and features. As always leather is the best material for a motorcycle jacket to be made of. This is because of the great protection it is out on the road.

Children’s Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycles have been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and young and old alike have been drawn to them. Every rider has their reasons for riding. There are reasons for riding that are shared by most riders such as the freedom that comes from riding down the open road compared to being in the confines of a car, being one with all that surrounds you, being one with a motorcycle, the hum of the engine, and so on. One thing is for sure if a child has a parent or parents or favorite adult that rides they are going to want to ride, learn to ride, and be part of the rider community.

Mental Preparation For Motorcycle Riding

Safe riding takes undivided attention. If a rider is thinking about how they are going to build a dog run in the back yard as they take off in traffic, they will not have the mental focus it takes to arrive safely. So before heading out on public roads clearing the mind of distractions is a good idea. Making sure to use the bathroom before taking off is good. It may be surprising how distracting having to go can be when trying to ride cross legged.

Smooth Operating

Motorcycles hearken back to a time before transportation was reduced to reacting to the world outside of your hermetically sealed vehicle with a five-way adjustable seat and illuminated vanity mirror. Whether you are interesting in motorcycles for nostalgia, economy, or an alternative to commuting in a cage, know that it has never been easier to learn to ride.

Discount Motorcycle Jackets and Quality

Today there are now many companies that manufacture motorcycle jackets. So what about discount motorcycle jackets? This term can mean two things. It can be a term to describe jackets that are made cutting corners, using thin leather, leather that is not as abrasive resistant, zippers and other hardware on the jacket that is inferior, which means zippers that will get caught or pull apart, stitching that will come undone, or jackets that are dyed by the color being sprayed on.

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