What Black Friday at Apollo Scooters Looks Like (2022)

If you’ve ever wondered what a black Friday at Apollo Scoters looks like here’s a little documentary vlog.
On the most stressful sales day of the year, we wanted to share how the team comes together to hit our targets. With a combination of team spirit, focus on the best customer experience, and the desire to do our best, here’s a taste if the Apollo team working hard, and then playing hard!



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The Advantage in Using a Scooter

There are many advantages to making use of a mobility scooter. The lots of current breakthroughs in modern technology have led to outstanding prices for scooters as well as outstanding capabilities.

Motorcycles – A Great Past Time

One of the most noticeable route to much better motorcycle safety is better roadway recognition. This includes understanding of other road users, potential threats, weather, road design and certainly the customary practices in whatever nation you happen to be travelling. Vehicle vehicle drivers can be infamously unaware of motorcyclists (and also without a doubt bikers and pedestrians!) so it is usually to motorcyclists to ensure that car-drivers are aware of them.

What’s Special About the Harley Davidson Deuce?

discover our why people drop in love the Harley Davidson Deuce. It isn’t an economical bike, but there are some great factors that individuals want to pay the rate.

A Ride Without Motorcycle Leathers

Have you ever wanted you had a great set of bike natural leathers? I will certainly never ever neglect the wintertime of 1987. My other half as well as I were residing on the North shore of Chicago. She was working as a grade school educator as well as I was finishing grad school.

Synthetic Two Cycle Oil

High efficiency synthetic 2 cycle lubricating substance is preferred by a lot of outside enthusiasts for their individual boat and jet boats. Amsoil INTERCEPTOR 2-Cycle Oil protects against sticky valves by including high degrees of cleaning agent to their exclusive formula. It uses the very best synthetic base oils that available on the marketplace today.

Motorcycle Accessories For Enthusiasts

The quantity of various devices as well as having the ability to currently custom make your own accessories with logo designs as well as trademark name to your fitting makes buying motorbike equipment an enjoyable experience, particularly for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Whenever buying your bike tools, bike clothing and also motorbike boot designs, bear in mind to get some natural leather washing items for every one of your brand-new bike equipment.

Motorcycle Helmet Facts and Fiction

Although the state of Wisconsin does not call for adult motorcyclists to put on a safety helmet, the United States Department of Transportation and also countless other entities strongly suggest headgear use as one of the best ways to safeguard a cyclist’s welfare in the occasion of a mishap. Today’s motorcycle headgears are crafted with the benefit of decades of research and the refinement of materials as well as approaches. Despite these breakthroughs, there are numerous mishaps which are also extreme for a headgear to entirely eliminate all injury dangers. When a bike wreck is created by the neglect or foolhardiness of another vehicle driver, maker, or other entity after that it could be in the most effective passions of a hurt biker to go after a civil lawsuit.

Fix Your Motorcycle Dents Yourself

Do not pay a body shop to repair basic damages in your bike. You can do it yourself with a couple of simple steps.

The Oil is Important

Vehicles and also motorbikes are comparable in many ways. They both call for lubricants in order to ensure they work correctly. Despite the fact that they are comparable, they both utilize really various kinds of oils, or lubricating substances.

Alpinestars Spring Editions

With springtime rapidly coming close to, those distant memories of riding in the sunshine are starting to arise. This winter season has been long and weather have actually been treacherous indicating several of us may not have ridden our bikes as long as we had actually hoped.

Most Popular Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

When it pertains to equipping your headgear, there is absolutely no lack of alternatives readily available for aiding you achieve your objectives. There is an accessory for simply concerning every aspect of the bike safety helmet and also each one of these devices helps to make your riding experience much more and also a lot more satisfying.

A Short History of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has actually been Americas favored motorbike considering that the start of the century. Winning several races and also assisting the armed forces, they became the photo of Hell’s Angles and ban bicycle riders, however lots of may not know that Harley-Davidson obtained it’s begin by being number one in Motorbike auto racing.

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