Watch this Ride through Victoria BC on an Electric Scooter – Zero 9 – Filmed in 4K

Watch this Ride through Victoria BC on an Electric Scooter – Zero 9 – Filmed in 4K

Just testing out some new equipment to ensure the next round comparison videos of electric scoters is ready to go. Today’s ride is through downtown Victoria, Cook Street Village, Beacon Hill Park, The BC Legislature and many other spots through this beautiful city.

3 Ways To Haul Your Dirt Bike

Don’t have a trailer but don’t want a standard motorcycle hitch hauler? The Ultimate MX Hauler is a great middle-ground, and is easy for one person to use.

Motorcycle Accident Repairs: A Job Best Left to the Professionals

While some of the damage will be obvious, interior parts will need inspection and probably attention. If the engine does not turn over and start or if the motorcycle has leaks or structural or cosmetic damage, the owner will need to take it to a repair shop.

Bug Catcher

My son asked me if I minded if he put a reflective face shield on his helmet. Of course I asked him why, and he replied as you might guess “Because it’s cool Dad” and as there was no good reason why he shouldn’t we went ahead and ordered it. It did get me to thinking about helmets and visors, why we make the choices we do, and what it says about us.

Using Trendy Motorcycle Bolts to Make Your Bike Stylish

Attaching fairing bolts to your motorcycles helps in upgrading the style and appearance of the motorcycle to a good extent. There are many sellers in the market and you should buy them from the seller that sells original parts and prefer buy new ones instead of used ones.

Motorcycle Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your motorcycle tires is essential for safety and overall performance of your motorcycle. This article will provide you with a few tips on keeping your tires maintained this year.

Finding a Trendy Motorcycle Fairing for Yourself

Nowadays the trend of installing stylish faring to bikes is on high. In the market a large variety of these items are available which you can choose according to your needs, choice and budget. They add a lot to the overall style statement of your bike along with protecting you from rain. Wind etc.

Make an Impact With Stylish Motorcycle Helmets

Wearing motorcycle helmets not only saves you from mishaps like accidents but adds a lot to the style quotient of your persona. Take some measures before selecting a helmet for you and avail its benefits.

Piovaticci Grand Prix Racers

During the weekend we were lucky enough to be invited by 3 time Grand Prix world champ Eugenio Lazzarini to grab a few photos of a couple of his small capacity (50cc, 125cc) ‘Piovaticci’ Grand Prix machines which are currently being restored in Pesaro, Italy. Lazzarini had a colourful 15 year career riding for amongst others; Derbi, Morbidelli, Maico, Kreidler and Garelli, winning in the late 1970s a 125cc title (Morbidelli) and two 50cc titles (IPREM/Kreidler). However, in the early 70s he rode for a little known marque called Piovaticci.

Fads Come and Go

“Call it old school, but chrome is here to stay.” They say that custom motorcycles are a lot like their owners. However, not most of the time. I doubt our new friend Dusty “Dawg” Pine of Indiana is green and has ape-like arms. But then, I have not met ‘Dawg’ before.

How to Ride 50cc Mopeds

A lot of people have been driving 50cc mopeds because they claim that it’s easier to use than a motorcycle. The thrill of riding a two wheeled vehicle has always been exhilarating. However, not everyone can manage to drive the big ones. Other people don’t dare to try it out, because they don’t want the risk of getting into an accident. It seems that 50cc mopeds have been a preferable alternative for most people who are afraid to try out motorcycles. If you are interested to learn more, here are some tips on how to ride these bikes.

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