VSett 9+ Electric Scooter Unboxing

Today we are going to unbox the VSETT 9+ scooter! A 25kg light city commuter with comfortable suspension and dual motors! It features many things that it’s bigger brother, the VSett10+ has as well. For example suspension, dual motors, a (super quiet) horn, new display and throttle, RFID scanner and key, lights and disc brakes (sadly not hydraulic). In this video you will find out about my first impressions of the scooter and how it looks like out of the box.

VSETT Scooters:


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(Applicable til 15.03.2020)

0:00 Intro
0:42 Discounts
1:05 Unboxing commences
2:27 First look at the scooter in the Box
3:39 Handlebar
5:15 Beauty B-Roll
5:59 Folding Mechanism
7:08 Discussing Battery Size
7:52 Discussing Motors
8:24 Further Features of the scooter
10:38 Lights
13:00 Ride in Garage
13:56 Outro


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