VSETT 9+ Dual Motor eScooter REVIEW

VSETT Scooters:

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Hi and welcome to my channel! I’m Adam Malicki (aka mr. Wrong Way) and I test small electric vehicles for a living. My job is to show you pros and cons of Electric Unicycles, Electric Scooters, eBikes and other Personal Electric Transport in a entertaining and unbiased way.

Alongside reviews and compilations, this is what you can expect to see on the channel:

– How To videos and tutorials
– Tricks, Jumps
– Demanding Riding – Hill Climbs, Speed Tests
– Occasionally Crashes
– Top 10 Videos
– Disassembly videos / Teardowns
– Ride Footage and Range Tests
– Travel Vlogs and Funny Videos

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GEAR I use on a daily basis:

Helmet: RuRoc Berserker, O’Neal Backflip Muerta
Jacket: Shima Protective Jacket
Shin guards: Leatt Dual Axis
Wrist Guads: Oxelo Decathlon
Shoes: Merrell Vapor Glove, O’Neal MTB, Columbia Fairbanks (winter)

Reducing Air Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles

The auto sector is doing much to lower our carbon footprint. By 2012 there will certainly be a variety of 100% electrical autos readily available to fit most consumer preference and also pocketbook. Gas-powered vehicles are presently much more power effective and there are gas therapies to improve any kind of vehicle efficiency, boost mileage and lower pollution.

HHO Cell – Use Water As Fuel

HHO Cell is a genuine cash saver! Normal gas or diesel motor ignite just about 20% – 30% of the fuel mixture. HHO cell raises fuel burning up to 80-100%, that method decreasing the amount of fuel required for the procedure.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid – The New Green SUV

The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid made shock waves when it was presented. Figure out why this automobile is cleansing up the competitors.

Portable Power Solutions – Portable Honda Generators Always Deliver – Quietly

Honda’s portable generators have been around for many years. The firm provides very trusted, sturdy and also peaceful versions that can be made use of for home usage, entertainment activities, at remote work websites, or at any type of place where power failings happen.

Nissan Leaf Vs Chevy Volt

The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have actually been making headings for the past few months. However, just how do these autos stack up versus each other, as well as what do they both deal? Both have distinct benefits as well as negative aspects, specifically when compared to each other.

Electric Cars or Not?

Recognizing the facts about electric battery operated cars as opposed to gasoline as well as diesel driven burning engines can reduce air pollution as well as create a brighter future for our youngsters. If adequate individuals read this write-up after that perhaps we can encourage the big auto manufacturers to count on the future in cleaner automaking. Electric Cars or Not? This is the inquiry.

Cars Running on Water

Soon the Cars will certainly be running on water, this is the current dream seen by Ratan Tata. The Tata group chairman has already invested a whooping amount of fifteen million US dollar in a start-up firm, which is mosting likely to do a research on it.

The Good and the Bad of Using Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

Hydrogen powered cars works on electrical power and this is made feasible using a fuel cell battery. The power of these cells is guided to the wheels of a car.

The Variations of Alternative Fuel Cars

The different fuel autos, is likewise much better referred to as oil. The imported fuel is something that requires to be eliminated due to the fact that of the nonrenewable fuel sources.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars With Generators

The hydrogen fuel cell autos are what every person that has a chauffeur license ought to drive. This is one of the manner ins which we are able to establish air contamination reduced.

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