Hi guys it’s sam from e-rides, just a quick video today of just unboxing a really cool new scooter bought out by the set and um. This is actually their like base model, which is the set eight and uh yeah we’re gon na be unboxing it today. So, first of all, that’s the user manual, which is useful charges in there charging poor get your little tool kit, which is really cool that straps. Your bow nicely really well packaged to be fair and then nicely protected with these ones. They’Ve got a lever here that you sort of push be careful not to do that.

You lift it up. I like to just have it set up sort of standing, so i can see what’s going on wherever i set them up, get rid of all this cool. So, let’s see yeah, i like the color, really nice green, good foot pedal there. You’Ve got your two charging ports here. That handles seems really really solid, so now you’re pushing that in pull it to release push to go in decent kickstand on here, which everyone always asks about, while the brands don’t have them, handle bars screw them in okay cool.

So it’s not good out. It’S just sitting in that for ease of the video um yeah, a few really cool features with this um. Obviously, first you want to raise the handlebar and just get that somewhere comfortable and just closer to you so that you can sort of work with it. Um right so we’ve put these handlebars up together. These tighten their military green.

We’Ve got a really cool thing with these for sets, which is like these key fob, so you touch it on. There turn it on so this keyboard basically turns on the screen and if it doesn’t come on, it tells you to put the card there, which is really cool, and i think you can sync these up to your phone as well, so you can do like contactless Unlock on your phone, which to me, is just like the future little bell, yeah front rear brakes, really nice and solid, it looks really solid. Um yeah looks like a wicked wicked kit. I can’t wait to give it a test ride, which i think we’re about to do now. Is that a tool kit we get in there in the thing as well, just make sure everything’s, nice and tight, like you, can see?

That’S just wobbling about, and most people, if you’re like me, you’ll literally want to just jump on and go straight out the door. But i would advise one thing charge it fully, but also to make sure everything’s tight, handlebars, [, Music, ] yeah, that’s a nifty ride and that’s only in gear, one uh. These are three gears, so you’ve got gear, one two and three and three is the fastest. So yeah, i think we need to go and take our road and give a little spin. What’S your initial initial thoughts, then yeah mate wicked about 20 22.

23. I got in gear three just just cruises: mate! Definitely, what that’s not a thing to actually remember and another era’s top tip is. It’S definitely got cruise control on. So everyone knows what cruise control is, but for those who don’t when you pull the trigger it basically goes full speed that you hold on and then you let go.

It just stays going like that. So if you take your finger off the trigger and you think it’s gon na slow down it won’t because it’s improved control, so that’s definitely something to think about, but yeah all right. We need to do a comparison. Video of this and a few of the other yeah, definitely out of 10, what you’re gon na rate it i mean it’s an eight. I said that’s good, like that’s a solid for an entry level scooter.

I would give that like an 8.5, that’s a good rate. A lot of solid rear tires, so it’s a bit firmer, but the grip is really nice. Ergonomic grips um the keycard’s wicked. It’S got a good like display like the color.

For me, that’s probably my favorite colored scooter in the market at the moment. Yeah it’s nice! I do really like that like that is great because i, like, i think most riders like to have their back foot up like that yeah. Yes, yeah, really good bit of kit. So that’s that’s the set eight guys.

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