VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter Rides San Francisco For the 1st Time! | Gopro Hero RAW FPV Footage

Alright alright alriiiight we’re finally riding her in the city for real!!! Lets do this!! 1st time on city streets as I make my way with the VSETT 11+ to the BAESK8 group ride also held on this Saturday April 10th 2021…..What a way to see what’s up with this beast eh?!? Many more adventures and tests coming up, so far really liking everything. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy my 1st real ride which really is just getting me ready for a wild 1st group ride of 2021 right after haha….All in the next video!!!

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Thanks for watching and as always hope you enjoyed the ride.

*The Electric Life is my life! Here you’ll find FPV footage from my rides around San Francisco and other local Northern California locations, reviews and important info on ebikes, electric skateboards and scooters I own and ride, and anything related to the life of Personal Electric Vehicles in general may show up here!! Please like and subscribe if you enjoy these kinds of videos and of course my friends sit back and enjoy the views….Lets roll out!!!

Link for more information about BAESK8 :

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