VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter REVIEW: 94 km/h Speed Testing, Comparison with other e-scooters

VSETT 11+ is the newest and one of the most powerful electric scooters in the world with its 6000W peak power in SPORT MODE.
The Vsett e-scooter was reviewed for 10 days in a row and we tried to give you guys a glimpse of its worth.



*We will do a 1500 Km review in upcoming videos to see how it holds up through extensive usage.
For now, we are more than impressed with the performance, stability of the ride, and cool design!
OUR CROATIAN FRIENDS That covered a lot of VSETT videos helped compare Vsett 11+ to other scooters, so check them out here:


We tried to cover as much information as we could:

Intro 0:00
New features: 0:56
Phone unlock / NFC 1:07
Front lights: 1:33
Comfort / Suspension design: 2:07
Rubber deck design: 3:06
Sport mode: 3:34
Vsett 11+ ALL SPECS: 4:14
Vsett 11+ Design: 5:57
Vsett company info: 6:34
Vsett 11+ comfortable ride info: 8:34
Dirt riding: 10:07
First time rider test: 10:54
11+ SPEED TEST with Electric Dummies: 12:14
11+ 94 Km/h ( not GPS ) RECORD: 17:22
Conclusion and comparison with other scooters: 18:13
Thanks to all the Sponsors 25:56

VSETT premium scooters are available at your local distributor at these prices:
– Vsett 11+ 60v 31,2 Ah for about 2820 EU ( 3330 USD )
– Vsett 11+ 60V 42 Ah for about 3680 EU (4350 USD )

If we missed any information, the VSETT 11+ article will be linked here in two days:@EvNerds Magazine https://www.evnerds.com

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