Vsett 10+ Vs Dualtron Thunder Drag Race

We are at the world famous Goodwood Race Circuit, testing out some of the best electric scooters on the market.

In this video we pit the new VSETT10+ against one of the most popular Dualtron models, the Thunder, in a 100m drag race!

We had a 90kg rider on the Vsett10+ and a 95kg rider on the Dualtron Thunder.

Interested in purchasing a Dualtron Thunder or VSETT10+ –



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Types and Uses of Motorized Scooters – Find Out Which One Is Best for You

You have the scooters that kids use and then you have the scooters that are used as mobility scooters, you have executive scooters, and then you have gas or electric off and on road scooters. Each of these Scooters serve different purposes in the world of transportation, the question is, what kind of transportation do you need.

Tips For Staying Warm And Comfortable On Cold Motorcycle Rides

The winter months offer some pretty cold temperatures and if you love to ride your motorcycle year round, then you’ll have to go the extra mile to keep yourself warm. There are a number of things you can do to keep your self comfortable in cold while riding your motorcycle. Really the best thing you can do is to make sure you have the proper outerwear.

Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses

When you ride a motorcycle there are many different aspects which are very important as well as the obvious safety gear. Although motorcycle riding sunglasses are not often thought of as essential, they are more than simply fashionable. The function of these motorcycle sunglasses is far more important than the fashion side.

Taking Care Of Your Motorcycle Tire

Riding a motorcycle is an extraordinary experience. Motorcycles before are very quiet with a lot of protective walls and silent interiors. However, these are all gone now. What we have now are powerful rumble of exposed engines and vibrations coursing through your body. Whenever a rider feels the wind against him on the open road, this is an experience that only a rider can explain.

How to Organize a Motorcycle Event for Raising Money

You may find your self in need of raising money for a good cause such as helping someone rebuild their home after a fire, or raise money for a life saving surgery, or any other worthy cause. One fairly easy way of raising money is to organize a motorcycle event, anything from a motorcycle ride to a poker run to a full blown motorcycle rally. You’ll find that bikers are a very sympathetic group, and you don’t have to be a biker or even own a motorcycle to organize a motorcycle event.

How to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

When driving any vehicle safety is a big issue, but particularly a motorcycle. Since the driver can easily get hurt on a motorcycle – even more so than a car – the driver has to take many precautions and care when driving. Even as a motorcyclist with many years of experience, you can still come up against hazards that if you aren’t wary of will may endanger your safety.

Buying Your First Motorcycle Lift

The motorcycle is a form of transportation that allows you not just to move from one place to another but it also allow you to weave through traffic. Unlike a car that takes up a lot of space on the road, the motorcycle is small enough to pass between two vehicles. This is probably the reason why some would prefer a motorcycle than a car.

Selling Your 50 CC Moped – Clinching the Sale

With the legal requirement for 50 CC as the maximum engine size only lasting one year, many 17 year olds look to sell and trade up their nearly new mopeds. Here’s how to get the best value for your scooter.

Your New 50 CC Moped – The First Journey

Riding out on your new 50 CC moped for the first time can be daunting. Take some of the stress out of it with this quick guide.

Maintaining Your New 50 CC Moped – A Checklist

Safety on your new 50 CC moped is a vital consideration. Here is a short checklist to get you out on the road.

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