Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter | Full Review!

My full and honest review based on my experience of my Vsett 10+ (25.6Ah). I’ve been riding the Vsett 10+ around the Greater Seattle Area as my new daily driver to possibly replace my Boosted Rev and to make this review. It’s a solid and powerful electric scooter, and it definitely did not disappoint. Would love to hear your thoughts and tips below if you own one or planning to own one.

Expert Electric Scooter Channels Mentioned in this video:

✩ Electric Scooter Guide: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxCZG3mLNMgkEpUPoWqyPkQ
✩ Ginger On Wheels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkCihVG8JtVB2opxlh5psmw

My videos I mentioned in this video:

✩ Boosted Rev Seattle Rain Storm Ride: https://youtu.be/m7_m5cU-heg
✩ Turn Signals for your electric scooter: https://youtu.be/nqBqc8h4afk

0:00 – Intro
0:44 – Super Quick Unboxing + Contents Inside
1:11 – About Vsett/Quick Disclaimer
1:50 – Vsett 10+ (25.6Ah) Specs
2:17 – Mini Range Test Result
2:31 – Riding style for the range test
2:41 – Type of version cost
3:15 – Build Quality, Color, etc.
4:13 – Tire Size
4:30 – Mudguard/Fender
4:57 – May not be weatherproof as Boosted Rev
5:07 – Deck Size and Stand
5:22 – Throttle Design and features
5:49 – Performance – Dual and Single Motor
6:48 – Top Speed I achieved (gear 3) at 160lbs.
7:13 – Sports Mode Feature
7:40 – Nutt Hydraulic Brakes + Regen Brake Opinion
8:35 – Suspension/Shock Absorber
9:11 – Safety and security features
10:52 – Handlebar + Upgrade options
11:41 – Superior Kickstand
12:02 – Charging ports location
12:22 – Stuff I don’t like (nitpicky)
14:15 – Wrap up

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