Varla Scooter Review

Uptdate: Dual disk brakes are now Hydraulic brakes for the same price $1599 BIG upgrade!

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Important Dirt Bike Equipment

Dirt bike riding is becoming a very popular sport these days. People of different ages and gender are already getting hooked into this sport. If you are one of these people, then it is very important that you have the proper equipments for this sport. Here are some simple steps that will help you choose dirt bike accessories.

Rising Gas Prices Could Drive Motorcycle Sales Due To The Cost

Rising gas prices could drive motorcycle sales, and historically the 1970s it did just that. People drove these vehicles to save money on gas, and the economic climate today may help to see a resurgence of this practice. They can help you save money and there are tips to get even more mileage out of this type of vehicle.

Renting A Motorcycle For A Cross Country Trip

When it comes to driving a motorcycle across the country, you will never find anything that will match the kind of feeling that you get whipping through the wind and being in a sense the feeling of being free. Renting a motorcycle for a cross country trip is one way to achieve some joy of riding a vehicle without ever needing to be concerned with any high cost towards owning one.

Riding A Motorcycle In Wet And Winter Seasons

If you are a motorcyclist and the winter season is upon you, then you must be fully aware of how dangerous it can be while driving. The conditions for operating a motorcycle change and it is important for the rider to know how to adapt to this change. Riding a motorcycle in wet and winter season will require some special attention.

Choose From a Variety of Motorcycle Types and Brands

Motorcycles come in different types and sizes depending on the job they are meant to accomplish, a racing motor bike will definitely be different from a mountain climbing motor bike. This already means that the buyer is supposed to know which motor bike specifications match the job for which he or she wants the motor bike.

How to Fix a Flat Scooter Tire

A lot of people enjoy riding scooters; most of the riders say that it is because of the adrenaline rush given due of the speed and the wind that past through their bodies. But this happiness comes to an end when most of our riders are having issues especially when it comes to fixing flat tires. Mostly, they experience it in the least expected situations let say accident, carelessness or not having enough knowledge.

Early American Motorcycle History – Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles

The four dominant American founders of the US based motorcycle manufacturing field were George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom of Indian Motorcycles and William Harley & Arthur Davidson of the Harley Davidson clan fame. It might be said that interestingly from the beginning that “Indian “had a couple of years “head start”. However as luck and fortune had it that basically as the market for new machines grew young Harley & Davidson called in their “big brothers”, grew and prospered to develop into the full blooded “Harley Davidson” Motor Company.

The Best Way To Fill Your Motorcycle Tank

There are many motorcyclist that find the annoying struggle while fueling up at the gas pump. In most cases the pumps at the local stations are designed for the four wheel auto gas vehicle and also the shut off valve was designed accordingly. Whenever you try to fill up some gas, its safety shut off valve will engage only when the tank is partially filled up. Here is the best way to fill your motorcycle tank.

Motorcycle Helmets: More Than Just Protective Gear?

A motorcycle helmet is one of the most vital instruments in keeping your protected on a motorcycle. It protects the most vulnerable part of the human body – the brain – which can be easily damaged by a small fall and potentially more so when falling off a bike without a helmet. Yet, helmets are not only the most important safety gear, they can be the coolest and most fashionable protective gear, besides the leathers that is!

How to Keep You Motorcycle In Good Condition During Long Term Storage

Motorcycle storage can be a concern in many parts of the world, especially if you want longer term storage over the cold winter months. A motorcycle cover is a cheap alternative if you have the space somewhere to keep the weather off, although it is not as ideal as dedicated storage.

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