Varla Pegasus First Impressions! 30 MPH Street Scooter for ~$1000

Been waiting for a while for this electric scooter to finally arrive! The Varla Pegasus offers a lot of performance and quality for around $1000. Let me know down in the comments what I missed and what you want to see in the full review!

I did receive this scooter for free from Varla for review purposes, but this review is not paid for or sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are honest and are my own.

Get the Varla Pegasus here (affiliate link):
Use code “RK9PEGASUS” at checkout for $50 off!

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Customizing Your Motorcycle to Look the Way You Like

When you purchase a motorcycle, chances are you are going to get the basic product with no additional customization unless you buy from a private seller who has already decked out their motorcycle with lots of extras. There are hundreds of items that can be purchased to customize your ride just the way you like it. The sky is the limit when it comes to motorcycle customization, you just have to pick and choose what you want based on your preferences and your budget.

All You Would Want to Know About the Honda CR 80

If you have been out shopping for a motorcycle, and have started considering buying a Honda CR 80, then you could find yourself looking to get more information about it, in order to make ‘an informed decision.’ In spite of the fact that Honda stopped the production of the Honda CR 80 recently (alongside the whole Honda CR series), many of its last specimen are still being sold in various motorcycle stores; where they are quite a hit.

Five Things You Will Want to Know About the Honda CR 500

If there ever was a member of the Honda CR series that was popular, then it has to be the Honda CR 500. This, by the way, is the same machine that Robbie Knievel used for his entire jumping career, which featured an astonishing twenty world records. It is still remains a popular machine, the fact that its production was stopped by Honda, as did the production of the entire Honda CR series.

Interesting Facts About Honda CR 80

Honda CR 80 is one of the most popular members of the Honda CR series, which rocked the motorcycling world throughout most of the 1980s and 1990s, before Honda discontinued their production in 2008. The name Honda CR 80 is probably related to the year when the motorcycle model first made a debut into the market, which was in 1980. It was a phenomenal machine in those days, and has remained so for most of its life.

Understanding the Honda CR 125

Honda CR 125 is one the motorcycles in the Honda CR series, which rocked the motorcycling world for most of the 1990s and the early part of the first decade of the 21st century. That was before it started to be phased out in the year 2008, when Honda stopped production of the CR series. Yet the discontinuation of the CR series’ production notwithstanding, many Honda CR 125 motorcycles are still to be spotted on the roads, and will probably continue to be, for the next decade and possibly beyond.

Why the Honda CR 500 Has Been Such a Hit

Since it was launched for the first time in the early 80s, the model of motorcycles known as Honda CR 500 has been very popular. Reading through motoring magazines, especially those from the late 80s and the early 90s, it becomes very clear that this was one motorcycle model that was really hitting. Indeed, although the production of the Honda CR 500 has been discontinued (as has been the production of the whole Honda CR series), the Honda CR 500 still remains a hit in some motorcycling circles.

Why There Was So Much Interest Around the Honda CR 125

If you were reading motoring magazines in the 1990s, then you must recall the buzz that there was around the Honda CR 125 motorcycles. This motorcycle, whose production Honda discontinued recently (in the year 2008) was billed as the ‘machine of the future:’ a truly well engineered off-road machine.

Doubling Your Ride With the Harley Davidson Deuce

The main attribute of the Harley Davidson Deuce comes from the Softtail family. This has shocks at the rear of the tires to make every ride smoother. This is combined with a raked out fork, chrome riser and low rider handlebars.

Getting the Right Bike Through Harley Davidson Credit

If you are interested in getting one of the most popular bikes on the market, but don’t have the cash, then considering Harley Davidson credit is one of the alternatives. There are several areas that can assist you with your needs for the bike you want to get.

An Electronic Statement of Freedom With Harley Davidson Wallpaper

If you are looking for decorations that make a statement, then considering Harley Davidson wallpaper may be one of the best alternatives. This can help you to enjoy even more of your favorite bikes while creating a different atmosphere. Knowing which types of wallpaper are available for your computer can then provide you with a new approach to your statement with electronics.

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