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Protective Equipment For the Motor Cyclists

Motorcycles are very popular. But the ratio of fatalities to the number of bikes is high. Hence protective clothing for a bike rider is very essential. Helmets, goggles, gloves, shoes and driving suits are among the safety clothing in the market. Good use must be made of these. The helmet of course is the most important. All items should be selected with care.

What is Road Rash?

Anyone who has ever fallen from a bicycle or while running is aware of the sometimes agony of a road rash accident. As awful as falling and skinning one’s knee is, the injury can be far worse than simply removing a couple of layers of skin.

What to Know When Entering the Market For a Motorcycle GPS Navigation Unit

When I took my first cross-country motorcycle trip 30 years ago we took along the basics – tents & sleeping bags, a change of clothes, maps and a couple apples. The bike had a gas tank, a speedometer and saddle bags.

Why Buy a Crotch Rocket Race Bike?

As middle-class Americans age, many of them want to get a Harley Davidson motorcycle and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with the air blowing in your face, the rumble below you, and the rush of freedom as you take off across the open highway. In case you haven’t done this yet, I can attest to the fact that long-distance motorcycle riding will give you all those sensations and more. Not long ago, I met a gal with a high performance road bike, which was a cross between an incredible crotch rocket and a touring bike.

How Much is My Crotch Rocket Motorcycle Worth?

If you’re thinking about selling your used crotch rocket, sport bike or motorcycle there are a few things you want to think about. You want to price it right so that it sells fast enough but not price it too low or too cheap so that you end up giving it away. So you want to know all you can in order to price it right when you list it for sale.

Honda Activa

Honda Motors and Scooters India Pvt. Ltd is a leading automobile dealer in India. It covers major share of the two-wheeler market in India. In the 100CC segment, it has offered a highly efficient vehicle, Honda Activa.

Why Motorcycle Covers Are a Good Idea!

There’s one thing that I see all the time, and that’s motorcycles without covers. I was a bike rider when I was younger and I also didn’t cover my motorcycle. And If I knew what I have learned through the years I would have covered my bike.

Where to Buy Custom Motorcycle Parts

I have seen it happen time and time again. A man or woman buys a brand new bike, and immediately start giving the dealer money for custom chrome parts, custom exhaust, saddlebags etc. Hurts every time I see it because I was that guy once. Now I know better.

Why Synthetic Motor Oils Won’t Work in Chinese Gas Motor Scooters

For most of us who own a Chinese scooter, the engine oil that would keep our scooters and mopeds running is an important consideration. Have we ever considered using synthetic motor oil for our Chinese scooter? When we buy these Chinese scooters, the manual specifically instructs us to use standard oil and not the synthetic one.

Save Your Scooter Repair Money – How to Do Your Own Oil Change

Changing the oil in our Chinese gas motor scooters is vital in ensuring its proper functioning. Most of us have the tendency to ignore this and as a result end up burning-up our engines. When changing oil, we do not need to go to a mechanic.. Why spend money for labor when we can change the oil ourselves?

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