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Why Do You Want to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle?

When you first think about, wonder about, and finally decide you want to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle it is probable the seed of this idea came from a friend or family member. Very few people wake up one day and decide they want to ride. More than likely, you have a social contact with a person that triggered this thought.

Kawasaki ZX-6R

Now, I may be laid up with a debilitating injury, but I’m still burning the midnight oil trying to find out the best bolt-on kit for ZX-6R owners out there. So in this spirit, I hustled the mechanically-minded Dave Smith off down to the Carbontek dyno shop with my ZX-6R, and a brace of different pipes to test.

A “Re-cycle” Experience

Whenever you run into a vintage motorcycle at a show or museum, do you daydream what it would be like to be one of those hardy bikers back in the day? You would be concerned about kick starting “Betty”, and making it to and actually back from a trip.

Motorcycle Madness – A Consideration of Common Causes of Accidents

Highways and smaller public roads are potentially hazardous for all motorists, with accidents causing tens of thousands of fatalities each year and a great many more injuries. But they pose an even greater threat to motorcyclists because they lack the benefit of an enclosed cabin and the majority of the safety features that have become common in their four-wheeled counterparts. This comparative defenselessness creates a situation in which even a seemingly minor motorcycle accident has the potential to result in a rider’s serious injury or death.

Improved Suspension Will Help Your Riding!

The manufacturer can not build dual sport bikes specially made for every rider. A light rider carving up the track will choose a bike that performs in a different way than for a larger rider playing on his adventure bike in the gravel roads. So dual sport bikes are designed for the typical rider, and for typical riding.

Are Hid Headlights For Safety Or Style?

A personal story which is meant to embellish in the importance of safety while riding motorcycles. With the use of 1offmotorsports HID conversion kit, we all can ride safer. I hope my story can make an impact on those who ride motorcycles and wish to learn a lesson through me.

Joe Rocket Known For Biker Apparel at Low Prices and Meant For All

Joe Rocket apparel is the well-known bike apparel brand these days in the market. The reason for which they are proud is they are associated with some well-known two-wheeler brands like Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda.

The Facts About Buying a Chinese-Built Motorcycle Or Moped

There’s an awful lot of opinions, tattle and conjecture on this subject. I’ve stumbled across literally hundreds of forums with questions about it often with extremely opinionated answers which are almost inevitably based upon no actual facts whatsoever. So here are some of the most common arguments I’ve seen touted against buying a Chinese import followed by the facts.

Joe Rocket Pants – Are You Looking For a Perfect Fit?

It is very hard to find pants that will provide comfort throughout the year. The extreme weather conditions and frequent temperature changes make it difficult for bikers to adjust with similar collection of pants.

Step Into the Twilight Film – Tour the Film’s Shoot Locations

Much has been said and hours spent reading and re-reading Stephenie Meyers hit ‘Twilight’ series of romantic novels, and appropriately so. While targeted for the female core, there is much that is charming and endearing in these amorous works. Regardless of one’s perspective, Twilight is a current phenomenon and every biker with a sweetheart will ‘Win’ by taking his ‘babe’ on this beautiful Northwest ride.

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