Varla Eagle One upgrades and riding

This is the Eagle one by Varla, 2000 watts of power, full suspension, hydraulic breaks, up to 35mph and 40 miles of range, it sells for $1600 dlls.

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Carbon fiber handle bar extension:

Phone holder:

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Motorcycles, Cars, Bicycles and Potholes – The 5 Minute Secret to Fixing America’s Potholes

Potholes annoy us all but are especially dangerous for motorcycles. Bikers suffer damage, injury and in some cases even death because America’s potholes aren’t being repaired. We’ve all heard and read reports of frustrating attempts to have responsible agencies fix the situation with limited results. A recent research project has discovered the key to reducing these hazards. The quick, easy solution to this universal problem is now in your hands.

Road Tripping: Basics for Owners of New and Used Motorcycles Alike

If you’re planning a road trip, the basics of preparation are the same for people who own both new and used motorcycles. By making sure your bike is in top shape and you’ve got the necessary gear and plan ahead of time, everything will be smooth sailing.

Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying A Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle is not an easy task and demands a great deal of your time and energy. It is important that you check for each and every aspects with regard to buying a motorcycle and get the one that best suits your requirements. If you gain sufficient knowledge and understanding with regard to purchasing a motorcycle then the whole process would turn out to be simple and easy.

The Unusual Side of the Wrong Fuel Recovery Industry

The majority of a wrong fuel engineers jobs involve removing unleaded petrol from diesel car or van, which stands to reason as there are obviously far more regular, everyday cars out there than there are unusual vehicles. However, every so often a job will come in that involves a little creative thinking and a lot of specialist knowledge.

Introduction to Airwheel

Some time ago, people were not so familiar with intelligent electric scooters. At present, these are widespread in the domestic and international markets. We can see such a scooter almost everywhere.

Indian Motorcycle Dealers: What Might They Offer?

If you are the owner of an Indian motorcycle or you are considering purchasing your first bike from the bike maker you will be looking for Indian Motorcycle dealers. Even if you don’t plan on buying the bike from a dealer and you have chosen to purchase one second hand privately, you will need someone to service the bike and have the security of knowing they supply spare parts. But what can you expect from a dealer and what services do they offer?

The Many Benefits of Motorized Bicycles

Motorized bicycles encourage us to get out and use our bicycles more often and for longer distances. Regular bicycle riding has many benefits, such as saving money, helping the environment, getting exercise, improving physical and mental health, and the list goes on!

Do You Know What To Do After Motorcycle Accidents?

After motorcycle accidents your life is sure to change because you may have injuries that can impair your activities or you have serious trauma from the incident. That is why it always best to get a motorcycle accident lawyer involved to reach the best settlement possible. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of the fault of someone who didn’t respect your space on the road as a motorcycle rider.

How to Buy a Motorcycle – A Few Questions That Will Help You With Your Decision

There are many people who prefer riding motorcycles to driving cars. The thrill of speed and the breeze hitting your body is something that you cannot experience, while sitting comfortably inside your air conditioned cars. Riding the motorcycles is a different ballgame altogether, which only the riders will understand.

The 2015 Honda CB300F – Great Little Motorcycle!

For those looking for a great bike that will deliver high mileage, & a fun ride at a fantastic price, look no further than the new 2015 Honda CB300F model. Who says you have to sacrifice fun for economy on a motorcycle? Introducing the Honda CB300F!

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