Varla Eagle One Scooter and Go Pro Hero 9, learning both!

Royal Enfield Classic – A Romantic Ride

No bike lover can remain unaffected by the thudding noise of an Enfield Classic. It is a romance of sort, wherein the sound of the bike sends vibrations of excitement and thrill along the minds and bodies of the bike lover. Just like a true romantic, he clings on to the memories of the magical moments of his riding this majestic beast. The ultimate dream machine of millions of people, the Royal Enfield Classic is an iconic bike in every sense of the word. Anyone who has fallen in love with this handsome hunk of biking world can only dream of the day on which he will become the proud owner of this super ride. This is a unique charm of this bike, which, in spite of the arrival of stylish and more powerful bikes, has remained as desirable as ever. Such is the unmatched charisma enjoyed by the Royal Enfield Classic bikes.

Vespa S – The Style Statement

If the word premium has had some relevance in the Indian scooter industry, it would be due to the luxury scooter manufacturer, Piaggio. Thanks to the Italian automaker that got its premium scooter brand, Vespa to India in 2011, the Indian bike enthusiast gets a flavour of this extravagance.

TVS Jupiter – The Practical Bike

The TVS Jupiter is a contemporary looking scooter with a perfect balance of simplistic design and sharp styling. It scores more in terms of practicality rather than looks.

Royal Enfield Continental GT

The Royal Enfield India has many bikes in the higher capacity touring and sports bike segments. Their Continental GT is a ‘Café Racer’ type bike. The Café racer, introduced long back in 1960 by the Royal Enfield, has returned in 2013 with the launching of the Royal Enfield Continental. This bike with power is better than other Enfield models like the Classic and the Bullet as far as off-roading features are concerned. This bike is popular equally among the urban and rural rich who like some adventure.

Top Five 150cc Motorcycles – Machines of Speed and Power

Bikes have always enjoyed great demand in India. With the raising income levels as well as awareness among the people, the number of people buying bike has increased manifold in the recent times. People know about the various options available in the market and thanks to the higher disposable income levels, many are able to afford the costlier 150 cc bikes in India. While the earlier generation had to settle for low cost, less powerful bikes and scooters due to paucity of funds, the current generation of buyers has no such limitations.

Popular Bikes in India – Loved by All

Bikes have a special place in the hearts of Indians, who look forward to owning bikes, even if they can afford to buy a car. Many factors like lower acquisition and running costs, easier handling, ease of parking, and better maneuverability in the traffic-laden roads make the bikes a better choice than the cars. However, underlying all these factors is the element of fantasy and adventure in bike riding that attract the youths to bikes. Although the percentage of buyers who can afford the swanky, stylish and high performance sports and premium bikes are rather low, people who can afford the ordinary bikes are on the rise. Perhaps that is the major reason for the popularity of the no nonsense commuter bikes in India.

Bajaj Bikes – Economical and Powerful Bikes

Bajaj Auto is a famous automobile manufacturer involved in the making of two and three-wheelers in India. Until recently, Bajaj Auto was known for its high performing scooters. However, with the passage of time, scooters with gears have become almost extinct and hence, Bajaj Auto diversified into bikes and gearless scooters, which seemed to be in great demand.

Evolution of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racers: Then and Now

The name Royal Enfield is a name that resonates with terms like strength, macho and many such words that talk of masculinity. They have been in the picture for a really long time now, but what is interesting to see is the timeline in which they emerged and how they have become what they are today! The cafe racer scene was seen emerging in the 1950s when Britain had started to upgrade its roads and was reviving itself from the war, the cafe racers then became the ideal bike for people who were always on…

K and N Filter and Rejetting

This post is for all my fellow bike riders who wish to extract the last possible juice out of your ride. This post is regarding to the fitting of free flow air filters, its effects and how to rectify it using the method of re-jetting.

Hero Pleasure – A Pleasing Ride

Hero MotoCorp Limited, formerly known as the Hero Honda, is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world. In the Indian market, the Hero brand accounts for nearly 40% share. The Hero MotoCorp dominates the lower capacity segments up to 150 cc. Hero Pleasure is a 100 cc scooter which has sales of nearly 25,000 units every month.

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