Varla Eagle One Pro Range Test & Update! 2.7K 60 FPS

Varla Eagle One Pro Range Test & Update! 2.7K 60 FPS

Here is my range test for the Varla Eagle One Pro electric scooter. The test was conducted in the max speed, dual motor mode. I also have a couple updates on the scooter, plus there is plenty of ride footage to enjoy.

The Eagle One Pro is an upgraded version of the company’s top-selling two-wheeler model, called the Eagle One. The model has largely stayed the same however, The Eagle One Pro is more robust, quicker and comes with a bigger battery.

You know what you learned regarding Varla’s Eagle One and toss it out the window. Varla’s new Varla Eagle One is out and it’s nothing like the one it replaced. It’s not only about the 52% bigger battery, although that could have some connection to it. More about that in the near future.

The Eagle One Pro is Varla’s first monster scooter and it’s likely that we’ll see plenty of high-performance, flagship scooters this year. This is a the context of Segway’s GT Series and the brand new Apollo Pro.

Varla’s Eagle One Pro sits on the edge of being it’s a light weight scooter that borrows its specs of beast-scooters. It is heavier than its lightweight weights Apollo Phantom, Vsett 10+ as well as the Kaabo Mantis Pro, which weighs 79lbs. Additionally, it also features 11 inches road tires, which is typical of beast scooters such as Wolf King GT and the Storm as well as the Wolf King GT.

It’s a great scooter. Varla Eagle One Pro scooter is also amazing with a way above average top speed for a dollar. It also has an an impressive performance per pound as well as excellent brakes per dollar. It’s not even the greatest aspect. The off-road scooter is priced at about $640 less than its closest rivals, Segways GT1 and the Wolf Warrior 11.

Due to the huge tires-something that you’re always hoping to hear about-the scooter offers a great ground clearance of more than 36 inches. They’re also excellent for traction, however they could be improved. The suspension is stiff and bouncy when riding city trails. However, the stiffness can be useful when traveling off-road. You might not like the shorter deck or the uncomfortably shaped kickplate, particularly off-road.

Technical Specifications

Top speed 45 mph

Range 36,1 miles

Weight: 90 lb

Max weight of rider is 330 pounds.

Water resistance IP54


Pros And Cons


  • Large Tires for its Cost
  • Amazing Large Display
  • Ergonomically Laid Out Cockpit
  • Minimal Stem Wobble Thanks to In-built Damping


  • Suspension can Feel Stiff and Bouncy on City Trails
  • Short Deck Leads to Riding Fatigue
  • Creaky Stem


Varla Eagle Pro Varla Eagle Pro’s speed does not match that of lighter heavyweight scooters, it is much more powerful. It’s tested with an acceleration of 2.1 seconds, which is close to the 15 millimeter mark. This is the speed that’s typical of heavyweights from the past such as that of the Wolf Warrior 11 at 1.9 seconds, Dualtron Thunder at 2.0 seconds along with Dualtron Thunder II at 2.2 seconds. Dualtron Thunder II at 2.2 seconds. This is because the Varla Eagle Pro’s only rival in the light-heavyweight category will be that of the Vsett 10+ with a 1.9 seconds of acceleration, accelerating between 15 and 15 mph.

It is worth noting that the Eagle One Pro uses the same throttle as the NAMI and Wolf King GT, which means that it also shares identical dead zones. It is possible to locate an angle to secure your thumb to keep it in place and provide it an ideal reference location when engaged.

Top Speed

We are awestruck by our love for the Varla Eagle Pro’s top speed, especially for its price. The scooter boasts a whopping forty mph top speed, which is a lot higher than what is considered to be average when it is compared with other scooters within the same price range. The more expensive Kaabo Mantis Pro only hits 37 mph top speed, while the Inokim OXO, still at an expensive price has a lower speed of 36 millimeters.

However it also faces competition from lower-priced models, such as that of the Wolf Warrior X Pro which achieves an top speed at 43 mph as opposed to the comparable Vsett 10+ reaches 43,5 mph.

In terms of weight in the weight class, the scooter can be found in a class of its own. It also can be compared with that of the first Dualtron Thunder.

Hill Climb

Its Varla Eagle Pro scooter is amazing for a variety of things including hill-climbing, which is certainly one of the most impressive. The electric scooter can climb the hills without losing power, and isn’t slowing down with heavy riders or in poor battery levels. In our 60-meter hill test with a 10 percent slope and a 10% gradient, the scooter could maintain an average speed of 17 mph (and more than) up to around 10% charge.

The company attributes the impressive climb to the sturdy twin motors, rated at 1000W each with a maximum power of 2600W. Varla claims that the motors generate the equivalent of 36 Nm or torque which is enough to push the scooter upwards up to 35deg.


There is nothing better than good mileage on the scooter and it’s true that the Varla Eagle One Pro scooter offers a decent distance of 58 kilometers in its tested range. The only scooter that is within the $400 range from that of the Eagle One Pro that can surpass it in terms of scale is the Wolf Warrior X Pro, with a test range that was 41 miles. It beat other scooters with higher prices, e.g., the Kaabo Mantis Pro with a 33 mile of range. Dualtron Eagle Pro at 32 miles along with the Vsett 10+ with 33 miles.

The battery behind the range lies a high capacity battery of 60V 24 Ah that has 1440 Wh of power. It’s larger and more efficient with 21700 cell batteries. It’s a leap from the predecessor, called that of the Eagle One, whose battery was valued at 946 wh and came with only 18650 lithium cell. Both batteries are equipped with intelligent battery management systems that ensure that the battery’s life is not compromised. Charge the battery up to capacity can take between 8 and 9 hours, however, you can get another charger, and cut down the charge time to about four to five hours.


Let’s face it, we would like to see all scooters have hydraulic brakes. However, that doesn’t mean electric scooters equipped with cable brakes are dangerous or undependable when they need to stop. Absolutely not. Actually the cable brakes and EABS of Varla Eagle Pro Varla Eagle Pro feature proven braking power that is truly impressive and very easy to use.

The e-scooter can stop in only 3 meters from an approximate speed at 15 mph. This is in line with Vsett 10+. Vsett 10, which is 10+. In addition, the Varla Eagle’s stopping power is superior to Kaabo Wolf King, the Kaabo Wolf King, Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro, NAMI Burn-E and Nami BURN-E2.

It’s not as fun to squeeze the levers that are powered by cables that are on the Varla Eagle Pro the way you would do on an electric scooter equipped with hydraulic brakes however, the Pro’s mechanical disc brakes do not leave anything to be desired when they perform.

The EABS will stop that the brakes aren’t locking. They can be adjusted using the P-settings that are displayed on the display. You can set them from 0 to 2 with 0 being the weak setting and 2 is a stronger setting.

Ride Quality

Its ride is acceptable however, it’s not exceptional. One thing they do not discuss when talking about all-terrain e-scooters is that they are primarily focused on off-roading features.

The pneumatic road tires with no tube are excellent for comfort, particularly when traveling offroad. The tubeless nature of these tires is ideal for avoiding pinch flats that are caused by rocks. If, however, you’re buying the scooter to use primarily on urban tracks, it’s better to switch to self-sealing, knobby tires. They will automatically increase your traction, preserve your comfort and cut down on maintenance. In addition, because of the tires and 17 centimeter clearance on the ground obstacles in the track will not cause damage to the deck beneath.

The suspension is hard. It’s a bit stiff. Varla Eagle Pro could benefit more from adjustable shocks or the spring to lower spring rates. But the rigid setup works well when dealing with large bumps and keeps the scooter from crashing. When the tracks are well maintained the suspension is slightly bouncy and not enough for the comfort.

It is also equipped with a steering damper. Eagle Pro also comes with an inbuilt steering damper. When driving at high speeds as well as straight track, users will experience excellent stability. At top speed the stability doesn’t match the stability offered by dual stem monsters such as Wolf King GT. Wolf King GT but rather appears to be the Dualtron Thunder or Nami Burn equipped with a steering damper. The downside is that the damper on the steering also makes it so that drivers need to exert more force on the bar handles when trying to negotiate turns.

The deck is yet another area to be concerned about. It’s too small and, due to the lack of deck real estate it is a constant struggle for riders to rest their back feet on the footrest, which isn’t ergonomically designed. One bright spot is the Varla Eagle Pro can make up for the sloppy stance by providing an excellently laid-out and comfortable cockpit that is comfortable to hold. It’s designed to provide comfort and convenience. Controls can be also ergonomically designed to complement the clear, large 9 centimeter screen.

Overall, with the heavy steering feel as well as the sporty riding posture and the fast acceleration that the Eagle One Pro is exhilarating to ride, but it could also be workout when you’re on the road for a long time.

What Makes the Pro Version Different From Eagle One

There were significant changes that Varla did to the original Eagle One to get the Pro. Here are some of the key variations:

  • The Pro has a stated top speed that is 45 mph and the first Eagle One has a manufacturer-cited top speed of 40 mph. It’s not a huge difference.
  • The Pro is equipped with 1440 Wh of power, The Eagle One’s battery is rated at 946 Wh. The difference is 52% which means a higher performance with the Pro.
  • They were also upgraded with a bigger eleven inches of airtubeless, compared to those of the Eagle Ones 9.8 inch pneumatics.
  • The Eagle One only weighs 77 pounds, while the Pro weighs in at 90 lbs.
  • The Pro is unique with a big display of 3,5 inches and the Eagle One comes with a tiny display and a touchscreen LCD.
  • The Pro included an NFC card that can be used to lock or unlocking your scooter.
  • Eagle Pro is larger than the Eagle Pro has larger dimensions than the Eagle One


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