Varla Eagle One Hands on Review

Varla Eagle One Hands on Review

This is the Eagle one by Varla, this electric scooter can go up to 40 mph with its powerful dual motors and turbo options, it also comes equipped with dual suspension, hydraulic breaks, headlights, tail lights, 10″ wheels and it has a 40 miles range.

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How to Easily Maintain Your Cruiser Motorcycle

Maintenance is the most important thing you can do to assure your safety and your motorcycle’s longevity. Motorcycling is fun and thrilling but also very dangerous when practiced outside the guidelines. Keep your manual and a toolbox close when inspecting your bike.

Basic City Riding Safety Tips – Bike Safety

From a time when there were hardly a handful of car and motorcycle models plying in our cities to the modern day era when there is a never ending plethora of auto brands inundating our streets, things have changed tremendously. If this signifies a more prosperous population enjoying the benefits of a better lifestyle, it also is bad news in another respect.

Bajaj Pulsar – Pulse of the Youth

The Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most sought after bike in the Indian two-wheeler market. The monthly combined sales figure of all the variants of the Pulsar is regularly crossing 50,000 units. The Bajaj Pulsar was first introduced in 2001. The DTSi technology for injection was introduced in 2003. In 2007 17″ wheels were used for the first time on Pulsar. The Pulsar 200 NS (naked sports) was introduced in the Indian market in 2012. Bajaj is planning to introduce 375 cc Pulsar bikes in 2014.

5 Smart Tips to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery – Increasing the Life of the Battery

Keeping your motorcycle up and running is dependent on each part that does its own function well. For this, they need to be maintained perfectly. One such indispensable component is the battery. Often, it is taken for granted and not enough care is taken on time. Let us examine what steps need to be considered in this regard.

4 Master Tricks to Protect Your Motorcycle’s Paint – Protecting Your Bike’s Paint

If keeping the components of a motorcycle working perfectly is the need to enjoy the ride, ensuring the quality of the paint is about showing the world that you are proud of your bike. But the exterior gloss usually does not last many days after you take possession of your dream machine. Soon, the sheen wears off, the body starts to look dull and scratches are the order of the day.

Bajaj Platina – An Economical Bike for Daily Commuting

Bikes are considered the best options for daily commuting over short distances. This is truer in case of countries like India, where the roads are congested. Riding a bike in such circumstances not only becomes economical, but also time saving. Perhaps that is one reason for the high popularity that the two-wheelers enjoy in India. A large number of people are dependent on their two-wheelers, to reach their destination on time.

How To Buy A Good Used Motorcycle Online

Buying a used motorcycle online has the great benefit of being pocket friendly. In addition, buying your own bike is one of the most exciting things any bike enthusiast can do. However, you need to know what to look out for to avoid buying a bike that is not roadworthy.

What Is a Hoverbike?

Flying cars may sound unbelievable and ridiculous but you better believe it since engineer Chris Malloy just took it to the next level. In 2011 Malloy developed an original vehicle called a Hoverbike which presented some safety concerns. So they decided to improve it and are currently working on a newer quadcopter model.

Hero Splendor Vs Hero Passion Pro – Best Performers From the Same Family

Every once in a while there comes a couple of vehicles from the same maker, which are great performers in every manner. Hero, the world’s largest bike maker has managed to bring out winning bikes one after another, so that the Indian bike buyers enjoy the best rides possible. Of the numerous bikes that are introduced in the market, few go on to become best sellers.

Hero Passion XPro Vs Honda Dream Yuga

The brands Hero and the Honda are two prominent two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. The Indian two-wheeler market is completely dominated by these two firms. In the 100 cc segment, Hero Passion XPro and the Honda Dream Yuga are very popular bikes.

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