Unboxing the NEW Nami Blast Max!

Our number one scooter was the Nami Burn-e, now Michael Sha and the Nami-electric team have brought us the BLAST MAX. Check out the first unboxing and our initial impressions.


UK Based – Pre-order the Nami-Blast Max here – https://www.rideandglide.co.uk/product/nami-burn-e-max-40ah/

Any questions, or anything you would like to see in future videos with the Nami Blast Max – leave a comment below!

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Cool Harley Davidson Gear For the Bike and You

Harley Davidson motorcycles are probably one of the most identifiable motorbikes (by sight or by sound) on the roads in The United States and Canada today. They’ve been around for well over a century and have an online reputation for their heavy weight chopper-style motorcycles and also the rumble they produce as they go by. Because they’ve been around the Harley Davidson brand has involved mean top quality, toughness and freedom.

How to Buy a Used Bike?

You’ve constantly dreamt concerning possessing that bike, yet you have actually constantly disappointed cash money. Someone might want to sell just the bike that you badly want at a giveaway cost.

Harley Davidson Patch – Add Your Personal Touch to Your Riding Gear

The ideal Harley Davidson spot can alter the whole look of your clothing. Check out all the excellent patches HD has to offer!

Is Your Motorcycle Fully Protected?

Is your motorbike totally protected? Are you certain? OK. Are you REALLY sure?

Let Scientific Test Be Your Guide When Choosing the Right Motorcycle Oil

Selecting a bike oil doesn’t need to be complicated. With just a few straightforward test you can remove the obvious and also pick the best oil for your motorcycle.

Custom Motorcycle Paints

Personalized bike paint is utilized to show a side of your own that can not be shown through ready made motorbike paints. Electric motor cycles are generally purchased for fun as well as to reveal the wild side of an individual. Customized made paints on a bike can include to this design statement. Custom bike paint is a method to express your sensations to the outdoors. sharifcrish. Females enjoy motorcycles! There are virtually as many females riding bikes currently as males, one of the concerns made use of to be that there just had not been any footwear developed for females. This has transformed and now any kind of ladies that trips a bike can discover a good selection of boots to use.

Which Motorcyle Boots Are Right For Ladies?

Spring is the beginning of the riding period for bike lovers around the states as well as throughout the entire world. Motorcyclist from all edges of the earth are asking riders during Security Awareness Month to obtain included in minimizing the ever before enhancing website traffic mishaps including bikers

Learn How to Safely Operate a Motorcycle

To reduce the possibility of injury or even death, as well as the occasionally incredible cost of healthcare, headgears are a requirement. Designed mainly to shield a biker’s directly influence when it comes to a crash, safety helmet’s can not equip complete defense cranium injury are even death yet there is a possibility for even more defense than without a headgear. It has actually been discovered that a secured rider has a better opportunity of survival if putting on a headgear.

You Should Have the Right Motorcycle Helmet For Utmost Safety

Harley Davidson denims not just look terrific yet they are a crucial element to riding safely. When you talk concerning biker security people immediately think of helmets, coats and also boots. All of us understand the awful points that can take place to you if you aren’t protecting the key areas of your head, eyes and feet however we often forget regarding the body.

Ride Safe and Comfortable With Harley Davidson Jeans

DOT-approved bike half helmets are promptly coming to be the most prominent type of motorbike headgear. Made after the German motorcycle headgear, these little and also lightweight safety helmets are among the finest readily available today for the bike cyclist. Several materials are utilized in making a motorbike fifty percent helmet. The very best manufacturers of motorcycle half headgears make use of extremely light-weight products, and also can have a helmet considering as low as 28 ounces.

Half Helmet – Benefits of Using a Half Helmet

Harley Davidson leather jackets provide design as well as safety and security done in one legendary piece of American clothing. You can’t consider motorbikes without thinking of Harley Davidson natural leather coats.

Harley Davidson Leather Jackets – The Iconic Piece of Motorcycle Apparel

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