Unboxing Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Plus

Kaabo Mantis 10″ Pro Plus
Minimotors Motor controller
EY3 Display controller
Motors 1000W*2
Battery 60V 24.5ah
Full Hydraulic Zoom Brake System

Fitting BMW Motorcycle Adjustable Handlebar Risers

Why these bars only fit the K series motorcycles and what are the implications. What is the difference between these bars and other bars.

Are You Looking For the Perfect Harley Air Horn For Your Bike?

There’s no doubt about it – riding a Harley motorcycle is all about expressing – and enjoying – your freedom. While there is no better feeling than the freedom of the open road, this doesn’t mean you should just forget about safety.

Custom Motorcycle Seats – Because It’s Time to Replace the Seat Saddle

If you are a motorcycle rider, you know that you would get to a point where you can’t be satisfied with the look of your motorcycle. When that happens, you would really look for ways to make the necessary upgrade to make it look more pleasing to your eyes and eventually make you look forward to a more comfortable ride after you’ve done some improvements. In this case, one of the many things that you probably look forward to do is to have custom motorcycle seats.

Are These Mini Choppers Legal on the Streets?

If you have seen the film Easy Rider, then you must be knowing how these choppers look like. They are actually customized motorcycles.

The Magic of Mini Dirt Bikes

If you like the idea of zooming around on a two wheeler that is not very different from the traditional motorcycle, there is no reason for you to wait till you are old enough to ride a motorcycle. Just opt for mini dirt bikes. These vehicles have been popular ever since they were first make in the 1960s.

Live Your Dream of Flying on a Street Legal Mini Chopper

Street legal mini choppers are gaining good recognition from the public. They have become a preferable two wheeler choice in many countries.

Electric Scooter – The New Craze in Two-Wheelers

Electric scooters have gained immense popularity in the past few years. These scooters provide a cost effective and convenient way to travel without the need of using a motor vehicle. As the price of gas is rising steeply, they are capturing the market at a fast pace.

Motorcycles Have Their Smaller Versions Too

Motorcycles have been in fashion in the recent years. But nowadays these are becoming very popular among the youth.

Trendy Mini Motorcycles That Will Rock Your World

Mini motorcycles are fast gaining in popularity among adventure junkies, worldwide. Initially it was started in Japan, then it spread to Europe and rest of the world.

Saddlebags – They’re Not Bad Things!

I was at a local Motorcycle superstore and looking at some of the newest and latest gadgets for riders through all the aisles. I admit, I was also drooling over all the motorcycles for sale in the showroom as well. As I was looking at the newest accessories I ambled over to the front parking lot of the store to partake in a soft-drink (this motorcycle shop has a little grilling area for bikers to stop and eat while on runs through the area).

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