Ultimate Line Up: Picking the Best Kaabo Mantis for You | ESG Liveshow #83

Join us on the ESG Liveshow for the Ultimate Kaabo Mantis Line Up, we will dive deep and compare all 4 Kaabo Mantis Models.

Kaabo Mantis 8: https://geni.us/Pky00?track=yt
Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro: https://geni.us/Pky00?track=yt
Kaabo Mantis 10: https://geni.us/nNf5Z?track=yt
Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro: https://geni.us/l8XNjj?track=yt
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Intro: 00:11
Photo Friday: 04:34
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Scooters in the Streets: 24:53
ESG Updates: 28:28
Deal of the Week: 36:30
Ultimate Kaabo Mantis Line up: 38:05
Micromobility News: 1:30:38
Facebook Giveaway: 1:40:25

Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/kaabo-mantis-8-pro-review/
Segway Ninebot E22 Review: https://electric-scooter.guide/reviews/segway-ninebot-e22-review/
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SF woman saves $50K in 7 years swapping car for e-bike: https://www.sfgate.com/local/article/SF-electric-bike-savings-16087579.php
Where scooter accidents happen and why: https://theconversation.com/80-of-fatal-e-scooter-crashes-involve-cars-new-study-reveals-where-and-why-most-collisions-occur-158609
How a bicycle tripled a dairy farmer’s income: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/stories-56806444
NYC selects Bird, Lime and VeoRide for dockless e-scooter pilot: https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/14/22383976/nyc-scooter-permit-selection-lime-bird-veoride

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The History of the Suzuki AE 50 Scooter

The Suzuki AE 50 is a classic scooter design that was first seen on UK roads in 1990. Powered by a basic two-stroke 50cc petrol engine, the AE 50 was a sturdy, reliable ride that stayed in manufacture for 6 years. During that time, it was exported to most parts of the globe, becoming popular as a no-frills run-around.

Motorcycle Theory Test

The motorcycle theory test is one that is designed to test your knowledge about motorcycle theory, particularly the rules and best practices regarding riding your motorcycle on public roadways. If you want to successfully pass your test the first time, then the key to achieving that goal is to properly prepare yourself for it. There are a number of things that you can do to prepare yourself for this test.

The History of the Suzuki AH 50 Scooter

Released in 1992, the Suzuki AH50 scooter was designed in Europe as small, fun scooter. At just 60 kgs, this was definitely the baby of Suzuki’s AH series, which included both 100 and 125 cc models. As the name clearly suggests, the AH 50 was powered by a small 49cc engine.

The History of the Suzuki AH 100 Scooter

In 1992, the Suzuki AH 100 became the latest scooter offered by the Japanese two-wheeler giant. Designed to appeal to the urban rider, the AH 100 was powered by a basic single cylinder, two-stroke 99cc engine. Suzuki had already earned a reputation in two-stroke design with scooters like the AE 50 and the AH 100 continued the tradition of reliability.

The History of the Suzuki AN 125 Motorcycle

The Suzuki AN 125 is often confused with the Suzuki Burgman series of super-scooters. However, the AN 125 is actually an older model, first manufactured in 1995. Production continued until 1999, with no major variants or special models.

The History of the Suzuki AN 250 Motorcycle

Launched in 1998, the Suzuki AN 250 and AN 400 scooters started off the famous Burgman series of super-scooters. Fitted with a large 250cc engine and designed for comfort and convenience, these large scooters were immediately popular with urban commuters. The Suzuki AN 250 could handle itself in almost any riding conditions, including taking on motorways and weekend cruising.

Farm Trail Bike – Models Available and Features Suited to Farming

A farm trail bike can really make farming so much easier for you. There are plenty of different models and styles to choose from, no matter what you have in mind. When you have a farm, you really have to make sure that you get things taken care of as best you can.

The History of the Suzuki ASS 100 Motorcycle

One of two special variants of the popular Suzuki A100 bike, the Suzuki ASS100 was designed in 1969 as a performance-oriented small motorcycle. The original Suzuki A100 was very basic commuter bike, under-powered but with enough performance for day-to-day riding. It was a major success around the globe and some Asian companies still produce near-exact copies of the Suzuki A100.

Scorpion Exo 900 The Transformer of Helmet

With the Scorpion Exo 900, you literally need only one helmet for a very long time. Scorpion Exo 900 is a very unique helmet. It is durable like all other Scorpion helmets, and you don’t need to pay a premium price for this great helmet.

Motomarathon Combines The Best of Motorcycle Riding and Sightseeing

Are you interested in a new sport that allows you to ride your motorcycle with friends and visit specific sites along the way? Motomarathon was created to combine long distance riding with visiting checkpoints, and it’s becoming the newest fad among riders.

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