ULTIMATE Black Friday 2022 Electric Scooter Promos Guide


You have found the ultimate electric scooter BLACK FRIDAY DEALS list! Tune in to see all deals and 🚨💰SEE DESCRIPTION TO ACCESS DEALS💰🚨


Deal #1: Unagi Model One: $400 OFF = $590 (Normally $990)
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEAL ➡️ https://geni.us/400-Off-Unagi?track=ytp⬅️

Deal# 2 : EXCLUSIVE ESG DEAL: $350 OFF Annual Rental Subscription = $288 / year
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEAL ➡️ https://geni.us/350-Off-Subscription?track=ytp⬅️

Apollo Scooters
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/ApolloBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
Deal #1: Buy a Phantom/Ghost and get an Air Pro 21 or Base 21 for $100 or free
Deal #2: Price discounts of up to $500 on products + $200 of free accessories for all orders this month!
Deal #4: Apollo Air 2022 $200 OFF = $999 (Normally $1199) + $200 in accessories
Deal #5: Apollo City base model $300 OFF = $1,199 (Normally $1,4990 +$200 in accessories
Deal #6: Apollo Ghost $300 OFF = $1,599 (Normally $1,899) + $200 worth accessories
Deal #7: Apollo Phantom $400 OFF = $1,899 (Normally $2,229) + $200 worth accessories

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/FluidBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
SEE ESG EXCLUSIVE DEAL ON FLUID HORIZON $250 OFF : ➡️ https://geni.us/HorizonESGBF?track=ytp
Deal #1: BURN-E 2 is amazing at $2,999. (Normally $3,500) + phone mounts with extra charger and tail light
Deal #2 BURN-E 2 MAX $3,799 plus accessories (normally $4,799)
Deal #3 InokimOXO $1,999 (Normally $2,799)
Deal #4 Kaabo Wolf X GT $2,499 (Normally $2,899) $400 off + lock, phone mount and tail light.
Deal #5 Mercane Jubel $1,099 (Normally $1,499)
Deal #6 Kaabo Mantis V2 $1,599 (Normally $1,799)
Deal #7 Kaabo Wolf Warrior X base model $1,799 (Normally $1,899)

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/VoroBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
3 YEAR WARRANTY on ALL new scooters
Coupon code- 4YEARWARRANTY
Deal #1: EMOVE Cruiser $1,399 (Normally $1,499)
Deal #2: EMOVE Roadrunner $1,495 (Normally $1,795 )
Deal #3: Kaabo Mantis King GT $2,495
Deal #4: Kaabo Wolf King GT $3,595
Deal #5: Dualtron Storm Limited $5,399

Solar Scooters
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/SolarBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
10% OFF with code: BF10

Synergy Rides
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/SynergyBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
10% OFF with code: ESGFRIDAY

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/UscootersBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
$100 OFF with code: ESGBF
Deal #1: UScooters GT Sport down from $1,099 to $999
Deal #2 Uscooters Booster V $100 OFF

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/NiuBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
Deal #1: KQi2 Pro & KQi3 Pro 25% OFF Nov 7th -Dec 4th
Deal #2: KQi3 Sport 25% OFF Nov 17th – Dec 4th
Deal #3: KQi3 MAX 20% OFF Nov 17th – Dec 4th

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/TurboantBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️
Deal #1: X7 Pro $150 OFF w/ code: BFPRO150
Deal #2: V8 $180 OFF w/ code: BFV8180
Deal #3: M10 $90 OFF w/ code: BFM1090
Deal #4: M10 + X7 PRO $230 OFF w/ code: BFM10230
Deal #5: X7 Max $100 OFF w/ code: BFMAX100

Alien Rides:
🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEAL ➡️ https://geni.us/AlienRidesBFDeals?track=ytp ⬅️

🚨CLICK HERE TO ACCESS DEAL ➡️ https://geni.us/AnyhillBFDeals
Coupon code: ESGBLACK FRIDAY 15% OFF

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Moped For Sale Overview – Tips For Sellers and Buyers

A moped is a low-power motorcycle that is designed to offer secure and also cheap methods of transportation. There was a time that all mopeds had pedals like a bicycle. Very minimum needs of license are required to ride a moped.

Tips to Know Whether You Own the Best Motorcycling Gear

This write-up is concerning motorbike equipment. I will certainly be discussing various kinds of gear to use while riding on your motorbike throughout different kinds of climate. So please relax as well as take pleasure in.

Are You on Your Toes? Motorcycle Fit Part #3

When you quit are your feet planted securely on the ground? No … This situation positions a safety danger for you as well as others. When you require to stop promptly you will not have 100% control if both feet do not touch the ground firmly.

Tips For Riding a Motorcycle Safely in Traffic

Motorcyclists are constantly at a greater danger of injury than their counterparts that are riding in vehicles, trucks, buses, and also vans. This is especially true in the situation of multiple-vehicle collisions involving one motorcycle and also one or even more automobiles. The possibility of these crashes increases considerably in the midst of rush hour, as several chauffeurs fail to acknowledge that motorcyclists have an equal right to the road and also may not permit them ample space when passing or taking part in other driving maneuvers.

Moped Tuning Procedure Briefly Explained

The process of moped tuning entails changing some moped units to attain the operation degree you need. Most of the times you will tune the brakes, engine as well as bodywork among various other parts.

Hero Honda Bikes

Hero Honda Bikes, has stayed in business for 25 years in India, and has made as well as offered countless bikes. They have actually a credibility based upon the top quality of their products, and also their relentless commitment to excellence.

125 CC Moped – Important Tips and Benefits You Should Discover

Mopeds are virtually comparable in appearance to scooters. They have actually been cost a lot more that fifty years now. Furthermore moped’s original craftsmanship have changed a whole lot. Moped is also called the cyclemotor and its name is a mix of motor and pedal terms.

The Differences Between a Two Stroke and a Four Stroke Moped Engine

Do you possess a moped? This is a 2 wheeled, motorized vessel that resembles a motorcycle. Integrating the terms electric motor as well as pedals resulted to the name moped. It is basically a bike with an engine not bigger than 50cc in the UK.

Chain Wallets – Not Your Ordinary Wallet

Chain purses have ended up being increasingly more prominent in the current years because of the reality that they are just one of the most effective ways that you can maintain the personal info that you carry with you safe. This schedules mostly in component by the fact that the chain pocketbook is made with the chain, which aids keep the pocketbook attached to you whatsoever times.

Chain Wallets – A More Secure Wallet Solution

Have you ever before wondered what would certainly happen if you shed your wallet while riding your bike? What would certainly you do if suddenly you had methods to pay for gas, as well as no chance to acquire food or any one of the products that are essential to you when you’re out on the open roadway.

Background Information About Puch Moped

The really initial Puch moped launched in 1950s, which was widely called the baby Puch. Its real name was the Steyr-Daimler-Puch MS 50. An Austrian male called Johann Puch began the Puch Firm in 1903.

Harley Exhaust – Upgrade For a Powerful Ride

If you intend to boost the efficiency level of your bike, among the important parts to update is the Harley exhaust. This upgrade will certainly alter the entire performance grid as well as looks of your bike while making your ride a lot more enjoyable. If you are considering a replacement part, you have to ensure that you get an excellent suitable for your bike.

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