ULTIMATE Black Friday 2022 Electric Scooter Deals!

The best deals of the year are here! We’ve scoured the web for you and have the ULTIMATE Black Friday deals breakdown for electric scooters! Watch the full breakdown here: https://youtu.be/J-bMkHDPVDU

💡 Deals will be UPDATED November through February as some expire and others begin (Black Friday is primary). 💡

🛴 UNAGI (incl. ESG Exclusive) 🛴 ====
1 :: $350 OFF Annual Rental Subscription = $288 / year (normally $638+)
🚨 CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/350-Off-Subscription?…
2 :: $400 OFF Model One = $590 (Normally $990) – the lowest we’ve ever seen by far.
🚨 CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/400-Off-Unagi?track=ytp

🛴 APOLLO 🛴 ====================
🚨 SEE ALL DEALS ➡️ https://geni.us/ApolloBFDeals?track=ytp

1 :: Buy a Phantom/Ghost and get an Air Pro ’21 or Air ’21 for $100 or free
2 :: Up to $500 off + $200 of free accessories FOR EACH
2a :: Air 2022 $200 OFF = $999 (from $1199)
2b :: City $300 OFF = $1,199 (from $1,499)
2c :: Ghost $300 OFF = $1,599 (from $1,899)
2d :: Phantom $400 OFF = $1,899 (from $2,229)

🛴 From FLUID: NAMI, Inokim, Mercane – 🛴
1 :: BURN-E 2 (an ESG favorite deal) $500 OFF = $2,999 (from $3,500)
+ phone mounts with extra charger and tail light
2 :: BURN-E 2 MAX at $1000 OFF = $3,799 (from $4,799)
+ accessories
3 :: InokimOXO $800 OFF = $1,999 (from $2,799)
4 :: Mercane Jubel at $400 OFF = $1,099 (from $1,499)
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/FluidBFDeals?track=ytp

🛴 From FLUID: Kaabo 🛴 ==========
4 :: Kaabo Wolf X GT $400 OFF = $2,499 (from $2,899)
+ lock, phone mount and tail light
5 :: Kaabo Mantis V2 at $200 OFF = $1,599 (from $1,799)
6 :: Kaabo Wolf Warrior X base model $1,799 (Normally $1,899)
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/FluidBFDeals?track=ytp

🛴 FLUID (incl. ESG Exclusive) 🛴 =====
1 :: Fluid Horizon V2 insane $250 OFF = $649 (from $899)
🚨 CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/HorizonESGBF?track=ytp

🛴 VORO MOTORS 🛴 ==============
3 YEAR WARRANTY on ALL New Scooters
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/VoroBFDeals?track=ytp

1 :: EMOVE Cruiser at $100 OFF = $1,399 (from $1,499)
2 :: EMOVE Roadrunner at $300 OFF = $1,495 (from $1,795)
3 :: Kaabo Mantis King GT at $2,495
4 :: Kaabo Wolf King GT at $3,595
5 :: Dualtron Storm Limited at $5,399
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/VoroBFDeals?track=ytp

🛴 SOLAR SCOOTERS 🛴 ============
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/SolarBFDeals?track=ytp
🏷 Coupon: BF10

🛴 SYNERGY RIDES 🛴 ==============
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/SynergyBFDeals?track=ytp

🛴 USCOOTERS 🛴 ==================
$100 OFF GT Sport or Booster V
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/UscootersBFDeals?trac…
🏷 Coupon: ESGBF

🛴 NIU 🛴 ==========================
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/NiuBFDeals?track=ytp
1 :: KQi2 Pro & KQi3 Pro at 25% OFF (Nov 7th -Dec 4th)
2 :: KQi3 Sport 25% OFF (Nov 17th – Dec 4th)
3 :: KQi3 MAX 20% OFF (Nov 17th – Dec 4th)

🛴 ALIEN RIDES 🛴 ====================
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/AlienRidesBFDeals?tra…

🛴 ANYHILL (Incl. ESG Exclusive) 🛴 ======
15% OFF
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/AnyhillBFDeals

🛴 TURBOANT 🛴”Deals Start 11/25/22”
🚨CLICK HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/TurboantBFDeals?track…
1 :: X7 Pro $150 OFF w/ code: BFPRO150
2 :: V8 $180 OFF w/ code: BFV8180
3 :: M10 $90 OFF w/ code: BFM1090
4 :: M10 + X7 PRO $230 OFF w/ code: BFM10230
5 :: X7 Max at $100 OFF w/ code: BFMAX100

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Why is it Important to Wear a Crash Helmet on a Vespa?

It is essential to use a crash helmet on any type of mode of transportation which does not offer protection. When riding or driving autos, people are secured in situation of an accident by security gadgets such as seat-belts, shatter-resistant windshields, as well as air bags, as well as by a huge steel structure (the cars and truck itself). However, when using other modes of transport such as motorbikes, bikes, as well as skateboards, the body is not safeguarded in case of an accident.

Motorcycle Accessories Can Add So Much to Your Ride

There are countless motorbike accessories on the marketplace today. Some are geared in the direction of convenience or safety and security, while others just include design to your motorcycle.

The Motorcycle and the Modern Army

The bike has been an amazing prospect for male. It is also a representation of the spirit of experience that is implanted in him. Hence the bike belongs to cross nation drives, rallies and racing. In enhancement its use as an appendage to equipment for the military continues unabated.

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If you’re a type of person who enjoys conserving cash and also discounts then you’re certain to enjoy this. Did you understand that there are specific electric mobility scooters which you can purchase for 50% off? Y

How to Really Ride an Electric Scooter

It’s rather obvious that you have seen bike occasionally as well as primarily everywhere. It does not also matter if their male or woman, what matters is that they’re all riding something 2 wheeled it does not matter if it’s a Harley or a Scooter or whatever. What attracts your interest most is the extremely limited garments they’re using together with safety helmets, globes which make them resemble an unusual as they ride around. Do you even recognize why they were these things?

DIY – Clutch Cable on a 1971 Harley Davidson FLH

With each day usage, a clutch cable television on a 1971 Harley Davidson FLH can extend as well as break. The cable can even damage if as well used. This is not the end of the ride.

BSA Motorcycles – Classic, Cheap Motorcycles

In a world dominated by vintage Harley Davidsons, and also ageless classics such as the Accomplishment Bonneville, couple of real fanatics have ever before come across the rich history of BSA Bikes. Having had a long standing component in the advancement and growth of bike background, BSA has ended up being a nearly failed to remember antique of sheer simpleness and an unbridled connectedness to the open road.

Change to an Open Belt Drive on a Harley Davidson

For some Harley Davidson proprietors, its everything about steed power. If the engine of a Harley Davidson has better-than-factory horsepower, setting up an open belt drive will improve the performance.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys For the Injured Motorcyclist

Riding a motorbike is more hazardous than making use of a car. The major reason is that bike requires to be well balanced as well as there’s a huge possibility to meet a mishap. In this issue, you require the help of a motorbike crash lawyer to get your right insurance claims and also payment.

Motorcycles and Safe Riding in Traffic

Given that motorcyclists as well as vehicle drivers of cars have to share the roadway together, there are specific pointers both celebrations can stick to in order to make the driving experience safer for all parties involved. Motorcycles use a host of dangers to the bikers since there is extremely little security in between the cyclist and the outside world, consisting of other cars. Because of this, it is necessary that all motorcyclists comply with responsible riding techniques in any way times.

Motorcycles – How Emotions Can Get in the Way of Safety

Riding a motorbike is not simply a form of transport for lots of individuals; it really symbolizes a lifestyle. However, one facet of that way of life is the daredevil way of thinking, where threat and the subsequent adrenaline flow from that risk, is wanted as well as transmittable. Unfortunately, this desire for threat and also the mindset that goes along with several bikers can be very harmful for all when traveling.

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