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With big power dual motors on both Varla scooters, which can effectively improve the performance and endurance. 😌🍃
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3 Wheel Electric Off Road Scooters – Fun and Practical

There is a new 3 Wheel Scooter in town. Its actually somewhat of a Hybrid – relatively speaking anyways. The new Trikke is a fantastic new 3 Wheel Scooter that comes with lot’s of cool options and extras.This 3 Wheeler comes equipped with high performance air tires and aluminum rims, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and upgraded components – Perfect for taking your adventure off road.

Motorcycle Batteries Brief Guide

A 12-volt motorcycle battery is made up of a plastic case containing six cells. Each cell is made up of a set of positive and negative plates immersed in a dilute sulfuric acid solution known as electrolyte, and each cell has a voltage of around 2.1 volts when fully charged. It comes in many shapes, size and power depending to the model of your motorcycle.

Yamaha R15 Expert Bike Review

The Yamaha R15 is just the right bike for the most horrendous of riders amongst us to hit the racetrack and learn how to ride fast. It’s so technologically advanced, so technically correct, so confidence inspiring, so smooth in its power delivery, so planted with its vice-like grip around corners and so stable with the Deltabox frame working its magic all through that even the clumsiest of riders; the ones who are so slow that they’re considering committing suicide; will get hope once they ride it.

Hero Honda Karizma Fi Expert Bike Review

Think of the Hero Honda Karizma Fi as a working mum who’s a champion boxer. She’ll earn money to run the family, prepare meals for her husband and kids and bash up the bad guy on the street who tries to act funny. The trusty bike is an all-rounder in the truest sense of the word. One of the punchiest and the most reliable bikes in the country, a proven tourer and a sweet handler, the Karizma Fi has all bases covered with aplomb.

Yamaha R1 Expert Bike Review

Yamaha’s epic new R is the unanimous, hands-down winner of our 1000cc superbike track test. It easily beats the competition, but it has to be said from the off that it takes time to appreciate the R1’s brilliance. That’s down to the Yamaha’s unique MotoGP-inspired crossplane crank motor with its irregular firing intervals. It’s so different to anything anyone except Valentino Rossi and his mates have ridden before, it takes time for it all to sink in.

Why Not Using a Legit Motorcycle Appraisal Service Could Spell Disaster!

There’s an old story you may or may not have heard called “The Emperor Has No Clothes”. It’s about A King who lost his mind and started wandering around the kingdom buck-naked. But, because he was King, no one was willing to tell him he was naked.

The Best First Ride to Montana – Leg 2 – Walla Walla, WA to Missoula, MT 317 Miles

Ever wanted to ride to Montana? Check out Leg 2 of the ride from Walla Walla, WA to Missoula, MT through the picturesque Bitter Range Mountains and Lolo Pass. Great scenary is enhanced by great food at Guy’s Lolo Creek Steakhouse. Click-in to enjoy the details, best of all, treat yourself to a great ride.

Kawasaki ZX-10R Expert Motorcycle Review

The Kawasaki was my early favourite. It steers beautifully, holds a line, is agile in the chicanes and has a storming amount of power. If we had left all the bikes on standard suspension settings, there’s a good chance the Kawasaki could have taken the victory in this track test.

Why Do North Indian Youngsters Do Wheelies Even on a Heavy Bike Like a Royal Enfield Bullet?

Royal Enfield Bullet. What are the first things that come to your mind when these three words are uttered? Slow? Lazy? Cruiser? Yeah, the Bullet is for lazy rides on the highway at a sedate 8okm/h or lugging tens of kilos of luggage and riding up to the Himalayas. But the way you think about the good old Royal Enfield changes after you see a couple of Bullet wheelie videos on YouTube.

Ducati 1198S Bike Review

Just like the Yamaha R1 the Ducati takes a lot of setting up to get it to work around the track. You need to get it on its nose so it’ll steer well enough to change direction and hold a line. It also needs lots more damping to control the weaves and wobbles initiated by the instant power delivery of the V-twin engine and provide the stability to control the dive caused by the fierce Brembo Monobloc brakes.

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