Top Electric Scooters of 2021 Based on 2,381 Rider’s Feedback

Here are the Top 12 electric scooters of 2021 picked by the real riders/ owners of scooters from the largest electric scooter survey!

See the full results here:

00:00 | Intro
00:21 |#12 EMOVE Touring (

00:54 |#11 Segway Ninebot Max (

01:26 | #10 Mercane WideWheel Pro (

01:56 |#9 Kaabo Mantis Pro (

02:22 | #8 Apollo City (

02:58 | #7 Kaabo Mantis (

03:43 | #6 EMOVE Cruiser (

04:28 | #5 Apollo Pro (

05:03 | #4 Apollo Explore (

05:36 | #3 Fluid Freeride Horizon (

06:10 | #2 Unagi Model One (

06:54 | #1 Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 (

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In the majority of the states with mandatory helmet laws the number of fatalities have dropped, but is that to say that the law is ALWAYS best? Protesters of the law would argue that while the numbers have decreased in fatalities, the ‘burden of the cause’ of accidents in general has shifted on to the very thing that should be protecting a rider. In other words, where riders were dying more without helmets due to impact, with the helmets more riders are dying now from the helmet itself. Although they do serve the purpose of saving your life in the event of a serious wreck, they actually increased the number of heat related accidents, falls, heart attacks, heat stress, and heat strokes.

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