Top 5 Fastest Electric Scooters for HEAVY Riders!

Today well be showing you some of the fastest electric scooters weve tested that are large and made to withstand heavy riders up to 330 lbs, while also having powerful motors with plenty of power so you can hit top speeds up to 50 mph. Well put the links to all these scooters in the description of this video, along with coupon codes and discounts so you can get the best prices and deals. First up, looking at the VSETT 10+. We got it from and this beast of a scooter has 2,800 watt of power, with dual motors in both wheels, along with a top speed of 50mph, making it one of the fastest scooters in the price range.

It even has a Sport mode Turbo button that gives you 2 minutes of maximum peak performance. For brakes, it has dual hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, so you can come to a quick stop. It has a max rider weight of 285lbs and dual suspension in the front and a large shock in the back, so it can handle any terrain both street and off-road.

We tested the VSETT 10+ and right away found it to be the best large scooter weve ever ridden in this class. The torque and acceleration is super quick and the top speed is very exhilarating for an electric scooter.

We also like the added features like the built in turn signals that can be turned on with the switches directly on the handlebars near your thumb, and NFC unlocking for quickly tap to lock and unlocking without needing a key. You can even pair your phone or program an existing card with NFC for it. The folding mechanism is also extra sturdy, with multiple safety features to make sure the stem is strong and rigid and will never fold down on a rider no matter how hard you push it. For the price, the VSETT 10+ comes in at $2,200 for the 20.8 Amp hour battery with an advertised 80 miles of range, but theres also the new 10+R which is the same scooter but with a larger 28 Amp hour battery available from RevRides that will give you up to 90 miles of range.

And if the VSETT 10+ isnt enough power for you, they even sell the VSETT 11+.

We havent tested this one yet, but its an insane looking scooter that can go almost 60mph and also packs an even bigger battery that can get over 100 miles of range. And if those specs dont scare you, hopefully the price doesnt either- coming in at $3,200 from Next up, if youre looking for a monster scooter with a super sleek design and build, make sure you look at the Apollo Phantom. With a top speed of 38mph and featuring Dual front and rear Motors at 1,200 watt each, it has quick acceleration.

For suspension, it features quadruple spring suspension – two in the front and two in the rear. The Phantom has a futuristic design and rugged build, while still being sleek and stylish. With a max rider weight of 300 lbs, a ground clearance of 5.7 inches, and 10 tires, this beast is built for taller and heavier riders who want power and speed.

It also has added features like turn signals built in, along with a large and bright display that you can easily see even in bright daylight.

The Apollo Phantom is priced at $2,100 and available from in the US, while Canadians can buy directly from Apollos website. If youre looking for a scooter one class below VSETT and Apollo, definitely look at the Zero 10X. We reviewed this monster e-scooter when it first came out, and its been tried and tested for many years. It has dual motors with a total of 2,000 watts, along with hydraulic disc brakes to bring you a quick stop.

The 10X is perfect for larger riders and can handle up to 330 lbs. This e-scooter can clock in at 40mph on Turbo mode and has dual suspension that can withstand any bumps, cracks, and jumps, as well as off-road.

For price, the Zero10X comes with a price tag at $1,699 and is available from Another large scooter packed with plenty of features, with a sleek design is the Inokim Quick 4. This is a perfect all around scooter with a good balance of power, range, and portability.

It has a 600 watt rear motor to give it a top speed of 25mph. It also features dual suspension along with 10 air filled tires, which make it a super comfortable ride, and has a rider weight of up to 220 lbs.

Another unique feature of the Inokim is the super wide deck for your feet, which makes it wide enough that you can easily ride facing forward. The scooter also has an adjustable height handlebar, so you can adjust it for shorter or taller riders. The Quick 4 is also very easy to fold, with the handlebars able to fold down so the entire scooter becomes smaller and easy to carry.

For the battery, it has a 52 volt 16 amp hour battery that will give up to 40 miles of range. For the price, you can buy the the Quick 4 from for $1,500 Last, if youre looking for a monster scooter that comes in at the right price while still having a large build, we recommend the HiBoy Titan.

It features a top speed of 25mph, a rear wheel 800 watt motor, and a range of up to 28 miles. The Titan has a heavy duty and rugged frame, with suspension on both the front and back wheel.

This gives a ground clearance of 6 inches and the tires are 10 inch with air tubes with tread thats good for both street and off road riding. The Titan also has LED lights built into the deck on both sides that have a series of strobes in all different colors. It looks cool and helps make sure cars will see you on the road. Its priced at $1,000 on Amazon with prime shipping, with coupons bringing it down to $950. Alright, thats it for now.

Let us know which e-scooter is your favorite or which one you plan to buy. And if youre interested in any of them in more detail,be sure to check out our individual reviews of them next..

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