Through My Eyes: Las Vegas

Taking over Las Vegas on my electric scooters! I’m originally from Las Vegas and I wanted to showcase some of my favorite places plus some places I have never been before. This is a different style of POV/FPV ride video than I normally do but it is easily one of my favorite videos I have ever made so let me know if you like it and I’ll do more in this style!

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1. Dyro x Conro – Memory Bank
2. Conro – Dreaming
3. Televisor – Find That Someone (feat. Richard Judge)

Motorcycle 101 – Hi-Vis Vests

Motorcycle riding, while incredibly fun, is not without its hazards. In fact, part of the joy of riding is the thrill of danger. But just because the sense of possible danger is exhilarating, doesn’t mean you need to behave recklessly.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting Legal in California But Not All Motorists Pay Attention

As advised by the California Drivers Handbook, motorists should make a visual check for motorcycles using their mirrors and by checking in their blind spots. Motorists are cautioned to be aware that various road conditions, such as potholes, gravel, railroad crossings, pavement seams or wet surfaces may cause a motorcyclist to change speed or direction suddenly.

Two of Many Wonderful Gas Powered Scooters

Scooter season has arrived and this article provides some information on the gas power twins. A pair of scooters that truly deserve a good look.

Several Tips For Driving Car Safely

When you are driving, you should think of not only your safety, but also your family’s and your friends’ safety if you are with them. Safety itself is influenced by every single process you take even before you turn on your car machine.

DOT Motorcycle Helmets – Your Helmet of Choice When it Comes to Safety

Safety should never be a question when you’re out on the road on your motorcycle. That’s why it’s important for you to always be prepared when it comes to your equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have with you when you head on any trip is your helmet, which will help keep you protected. The DOT motorcycle helmet is made to do just that and can be the perfect choice for you if you’re shopping for a new helmet for yourself.

Cut Your Costs by Using Motorcycle Parts Auctions Online

The weather is getting warmer, and you know what that means: riding season has begun. Just the thought of the wind blowing in your hair, admiring the countryside in the gorgeous sunshine makes you all giddy. You pull your motorcycle out, go to start it, and that image comes crashing down when your machine refuses to start. This is an alarming (and disappointing) situation, but it can certainly be improved using motor cycle parts auctions online.

Kawasaki Motocross Bikes

Some of the most favored vehicles are motorcycles, motor cross bikes, and dirt bikes. These type of bikes are widely used for recreational activities, radical sports riding, and various other outdoor motor sports.

Motocross 125 – Introduction

Numerous debates ensued whether or not it would be necessary to have a motocross bike because running an average bike can cost for 3000 dollars to 8000 dollars depending on the model that is chosen. Additional finances will also be need for accessories like a helmet and gloves.

The Honda 125cc Motocross Bike

Honda makes several designs for the motocross bike one of which is the motocross 125 style. Honda began its production of these bikes in the 60’s. The Honda motorcycles come in an 85cc, a 125cc and a 250cc size of engine. It does have a few competitors in this market such as the Yamaha’s version of their 125cc in the YZ and KTM models. The Honda CR125 has a single cylinder engine that is a two stroke design. It can cruise pretty good with its 41.5 horsepower engine. Like most motors in a vehicle it uses a liquid cooling system to maintain its good performance.

Obsess More With Custom Motorcycle Accessories

If you have a motorcycle and are interested in getting some custom motorcycle accessories you will find a lot of different choices for your bike. You can find almost anything your imagination can come up with if you have the money and time for it. Many motorcycle owners feel that their bike is not just a possession but is rather an obsession.

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