This Small Scooter Is Perfect For getting around on my broken ankle.

In this video find out how it’s possible to get around on an electric scooter with a broken ankle. (

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The Importance of a Good Motorcycle Helmet

Anyone who decides to get a motorcycle must understand that a helmet is probably the most important safety consideration. The fact that riders are more vulnerable in crash situations is obvious, but crash statistics paints an even grimmer picture. Despite repeated warnings and horrible stories of crash victims, many people still fail to realize the importance of wearing a good helmet.

How to Know If a Motorcycle Helmet Fits Correctly

There is no denying the importance of motorcycle helmets for the safety of riders. It is important to note, however that all helmets are not created equal. Differences may be based on the brand of helmet, the type of material used, and the design. Motorcycle safety is an important issue, and every rider must take the appropriate steps to protect themselves in the event of an accident.

Four Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Motorcycle Helmet

Comfort, safety, convenience and fit are all important when choosing motorcycle gear. Effectiveness and safety are largely dependent on making sure the fit is correct. An uncomfortable motorcycle helmet can totally ruin your riding experience. After all, the safest motorcycle gear you can buy is the gear you will wear.

Riders’ Guide For Gears and Accessories

Motorcycle jacket comes mainly in 1 piece or 2 pieces. If you have opted for the motorcycle jacket in order for the protection against the crash then, the leather used to make the jacket should be stronger, tougher and moderately flexible. Motorcycle Leather jackets and leather vest should be tested for impact abrasion, tear and cut resistance.

Motorcycle Kits – Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Motorcycle Kits

Customizing your bike has already been made a lot easier by motorcycle kits. As manufacturers really hardly get what their hardcore consumers want in their bikes’ appearances, these kits made personalization a simple step away from having their dream bikes.

Complete Motorcycle Kits – From Box to Blacktop

There are more than a few people who love motorcycles, and indeed, these people tend to form clubs, celebrating their admiration for the machines and love for the thrill of the ride. So why do they package these motorcycles into complete motorcycle kits like some geek or nerd’s toy? Well, you have to admit that there is a visceral appeal, a deep-down feeling of wanting to build something from the ground up. “From box to blacktop” probably makes more sense since it is a vehicle to be constructed.

Motorcycles and You

There are few things as freeing as a motorcycle. With a motorcycle, you are in the open air, seeing the country and the city, with nothing between you and the rest of the world. Unlike a car, where you are surrounded on all sides, there is a freedom and an element of danger to motorcycles that appeal to many people. This is especially true in Los Angeles, which has one of the highest per capita rates of motorcycles in the entire country.

The Style and Grace of the Harley Davidson Road King

To some, traveling cross country on the seat of a Harley Davidson is the epitome of freedom and spirit. Even for those individuals who are new to bikes and the biker lifestyle, the idea of leaving everything behind, except what fits in your two hard leather saddlebags is as mysterious as it is romantic. For the individuals who feel themselves drawn to long travels down seemingly unexplored roads and through untouched wilderness, a Harley Davidson Road King may be the perfect fit. There are not many bikes which can compare to the Road King both in style or comfort. This bike truly is designed for exploration and spontaneous living. It combines both convenience and quality with style and grace and allows for both the rider and the passenger to fully enjoy and experience what it is to ride the road.

The Unmistakable Harley Davidson Knucklehead

There are many features associated with a Harley Davidson which although no longer used, are considered vital in understanding and appreciating a well made high-quality motorcycle. One such feature is the Knucklehead engine. The Knucklehead was one of Harley Davidson’s first designed V-twin engines. It received its fitting and memorable nickname from the rounded, fist-like rocker boxes which, from certain angles, appeared to resemble the bent knuckles of a closed hand or fist. Though the original production design was labeled the 61 OHV, this engine was never referred to as any name other than “knucklehead” in its ten years of production.

The Importance of Motorcycle Safety – Ride Safe!

Harley Davidson has always been a strong supported of properly motorcycle safety and proper riding. They have stood by their commitment to ensure that all of their riders are safe, aware and comfortable when in the driver’s seat. The following are five of the most vital aspects of motorcycle safety and how you should use them to keep yourself, your passengers and your bike safe.

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