This 40mph Electric Scooter Is Unlike Any Other – Varla Eagle One Review

Electrification of pretty much every form of transportation is underway. And while escooters have been around for quite awhile, this is something very new. Not only does it go way faster than your traditional escooter at 40mph thanks to its dual motors, but it also has a full suspension so you can take it anywhere. Today we take the Varla Eagle One for a spin around southern California and see what it’s all about.

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Women on Motorcycles: Silencing the Naysayers

More and more women are riding motorcycles everyday, yet at times they are often discouraged and ridiculed for doing so. It is important to change these perspectives and silence the naysayers.

Information on Features of Bikes for Girls

This article is for all girls who have plans of buying a motorcycle. Bikes for girls come with some specific features. Here, we have discussed those features in detail. Read on to know more.

Things You Must Know When Shopping for Motorcycle Parts

The market houses a number of options for you when it comes to motorcycle parts. Depending on the money you will be able to spend you can purchase original, aftermarket or used parts.

Why Are First Year Production Of Classic Motorcycles The Most Valuable?

The first year of production, of any classic motorcycle, is often the most valuable. Why? This article will give clear reasons for why this is so often the case.

So What Is A Honda CBX1000 Really Like To Live With?

An iconic classic motorcycle of the late 1970s, Honda’s six cylinder CBX1000 is certainly a piece of motorcycling history and a cast iron investment. But what is it really like to live with and to ride?

What Should You Do When Getting a Motorbike for Your Kids?

A motorbike can be a great vehicle to buy for your kids. It’s a vehicle that is fun to ride around on. The breeze of the wind as you ride and the freedom that comes with such a vehicle are among the best things that anyone could ever experience. However, you need to be extremely careful if you’re going to get such a vehicle for your kids. You cannot just buy any kind of vehicle like this.

Motorcycle Protection

A motorcycle is an investment, and like every investment it must be protected. There are many ways to protect a motorcycle and the best way is through a cover.

Honda CB750 K Series – To Buy Sand Cast or Die Cast?

Honda produced two Honda CB750K0s, one was sand cast and the other die cast. Which is for you? Are you interested in investing in classic motorcycles? Read about the first ever super bike from Japan.

Riders: What Should You Be Looking for When You Join a Team?

When riders start out in the racing industry, they are often on their own and they are just competing for themselves. They don’t have any help with their bike, or their training program. They are just in it for the love of racing.

Sturdy Motorbikes for an Awesome Ride

Who doesn’t love the feeling of wind on their face when riding a bike up the hill with the sun shining bright and warm? Almost everyone loves the exhilarating experience of riding a bike. While some describe that encounter with nature as ‘feeling alive’, some say that riding a bike offers a sense of freedom.

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