The Top 6 Cheap Electric Scooters You Can Buy Right Now (We tested them all)

We tested 16 of the top entry-level scooters in the world, to bring you the SIX BEST scooters that you can buy for under 500 dollars.

Gotrax G4:
Gotrax GXL Commuter V2:
Gotrax Xr Elite:
Hiboy S2:
TurboAnt X7 Pro:
Xiaomi Mi M365:

Intro: 00:00
Gotrax GXL Commuter V2: 00:30
Hiboy S2: 00:54
Gotrax Xr Elite: 01:19
TurboAnt X7 Pro: 01:43
Gotrax G4: 02:01
Xiaomi Mi M365: 02:20

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Finding and Buying Used Motorcycles

When it comes to finding and buying a used motorcycle, there are some things you should know before making a purchase. What type of bike should I choose? Consider first what type of riding you’ll be doing.

Helmet Mohawk – Factors to Consider When Making a Purchase

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a helmet mohawk, you’ve already won half the battle. The only other decision you have to make is which color would you like your mohawk to be? Whether you’re buying one online from an online retailer, or from your local motorcycle shop, you’ll be happy to know that there are many different colors that you have to choose from. Why you decide to purchase one color over the next really can depend on a couple different factors.

A Motorcycle Fender – Your Basic Guide to Choosing a Motorcycle Fender

Whether you have an old or brand new chopper, motorcycle fender is an important accessory to incorporate on it. Fenders are available in wide range of options. In fact, they can be customized.

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Motorcycle leather gloves is a part of your safety protection gear, it will save your skin. In the winter they will protect your hands, and if you have to lay your bike down they will save your skin. you don’t have to be a college grad to know this.

Motorcycle Exhausts – All the Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Exhausts

A normal engine will definitely produce a noise, even the new technology combustible engines. Motorcycle exhausts can help minimize the amount of this noise significantly. Many exhaust parts developed today are expected to deliver a power packed performance.

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks – Why They Are Becoming More Popular

A new craze has hit the motorcycle accessory industry and the item in question is called the helmet Mohawk. Some of the reasons that this item has become so popular have to do with the fact that they help the rider show off their personality, they can be taken off of the helmet if the rider does not wish to wear them, and they can be used to help make the rider more noticeable to others on the open road.

Motorcycle Goggles – How to Find the Right Pair For Riding

Being out on the open road, riding your bike, is one of the greatest feelings. But when road debris, dirt, and dust, gets blown into your eyes, it can cut the day short. It’s important to find a pair that’s going to be comfortable enough to wear all day, and look stylish too. As more and more states are requiring that riders wear helmets, having a good pair of goggles to wear with it may become one of your favorite pieces of safety equipment.

Motorcycle Helmets – What to Look For When Purchasing Your Helmet

The motorcycle helmet is by far one of the most important pieces of equipment that any rider can have when they get on their motorcycle, but it’s really up to the rider to decide if they’re going to wear one or not. In most cases, the aesthetic look of the helmet wins the battle of the safety aspect when shoppers are making their helmet purchase. In any case, there are a number of factors to be considered when making a helmet purchase.

Precautions For Used-Bike Purchase

A used bike is a very good option for those who have low budget or who want to learn and then buy a brand-new bike. A used bike should be bought with precautions.

Where to Find Vintage Motorcycle Jackets

No matter how fast and sleek the motorbikes get, the vintage and classic motorbikes will always remain a collector’s gold. Related to these bikes there are many accessories and outfits that never seem to be outdated and still look equally stylish. Rather than buying expensive one’s there are many cheaper places for look for such a treasure. The article discus few of these options.

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