The Super73 ZX – The electric bike you need!

The latest in the Super73 range is the ZX. The next generation in the Z series, with updated electronics, a lighter 6061-T6 aluminum frame, and a larger removable battery! The ZX has a redesigned seat, improved ergonomics and a more upright riding position, making it one of Super73’s most comfortable electric bikes to ride!

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Comparison of Electric Motor Scooters Or Gas Motor Scooters – Which is Best?

While looking for an alternative to your gas guzzling vehicle, you may ask yourself the question as to which would be better; a gas or an electric motor scooter. This is a difficult, if not impossible, question to answer. This is because there are benefits and drawbacks…

What to Look For in Motorcycle Oils

Every biker should consider the type of oil needed, before changing his or her oil. There are many things to consider first. Changing motorcycle oil is not like changing your car oil. There are differences that we have to look at.

How Do I Learn to Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain?

Most new riders consider riding in the rain something to avoid. That is exactly, why most fail to ask the question, how do I learn to ride a motorcycle in the rain? If the primary ride area is within a couple of miles, 15 minutes, or so from home base finding how to handle a motorcycle in the rain has little value.

Tips For Buying a Dirt Bike

There are several factors that you should consider when buying your first dirt bike. Read this article for tips on buying your first motocross bike and the pros and cons of buying new or used.

The Thrills and Spills of a Motorcycle Racing Holiday

Motorcycle racing, whether it is WorldSuperBikes or MotoGP, is one of those specator sports that never fails to give one a real ‘buzz’. Watching those bikes zooming about, those death defying wheelies at 90mph and the way they take corners, just sets the blood racing. There is no better way to see this action other than live, so what no treat yourself to a trip to see the action!

How Do I Learn to Ride a Motorcycle With Confidence and With a Passenger?

If you have a friend, son, daughter, wife or husband who wants to learn How to Ride a Motorcycle do yourself a favor and teach them at a motorcycle training facility. As an experienced rider, you will learn as much as your newbie companion will.

Luggage and Baggage For Motorcycles – Tank Bags

Do you ride? Are you concerned for the safety of your belongings? Do you hate the idea of riding somewhere new and having to stop to look at a map and not the scenery? When considering luggage for you motorcycle, it’s easy to overlook a simple item that can keep your keys, map, papers, and cellphone safe while riding. This is the tank bag.

Getting the Most From Your Motorbike

It shouldn’t come as a lesson to anybody that, when you look after your possessions, most of them will last longer. However, judging from the volume of motorcycle riders who neglect to look after their bikes properly, you might think that nobody had given them this piece of advice. The number of bike enthusiasts not caring for their much-loved vehicles is high and, unfortunately, these people could find themselves missing out on years of life their bike could have offered had it not been for poor care.

Tips on How to Buy Repossessed Motorcycles

There are many benefits you will get if you buy repossessed motorcycles. One of the benefits is the awesome price you will get if you are able to get a great bargain with it. These repossessed motorcycles offer you the opportunity to drive your own bike at much lesser price than purchasing them as brand new.

Things to Think About Before Buying a Scooter

Planning on purchasing a scooter? Between local laws, brands and types of scooters it may be more confusing that at first glance. Scooters come in many varieties, including petrol and electric, 50cc to 150cc and greater.

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