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What I use to shoot YouTube videos
The camera I use:
The lens I use:
The mic I use:
The light I use:
The tripod I use:

What I use to shoot Photography
My favorite portrait lens:
My other favorite portrait lens:
My favorite single camera strap:
My favorite dual camera strap:
My favorite camera bag:
My favorite travel tripod:

My Home Studio gear:
My audio interface:
My microphone:
My headphones:
My studio monitors:

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Bajaj Discover – A Best Seller

From the Bajaj stable, there have been many impressive two wheelers that have rolled out ever since the Indian automobile major began operations in the post independence era. While the scooters produced by Bajaj were a clear market leader, their foray into motorbikes has seen multiple challenges – both from consumer behavior as well as competition. From the initial days of the motorcycle revolution in India that saw, among others, the Kawasaki Bajaj collaboration producing the KB100 till date, one of the biggest selling models has been the Bajaj Discover.

Why Motor Cycle Protective Gear Is No Longer a Choice

It is no longer a choice but a necessity to have motor cycle protective gear any time you are riding. Even though this is a legal requirement in many countries, having such gears is very important in ensuring that you stay in one piece should you get involved in a crush. There are several stores that retail such gears and some research will get you the best in the market.

Replacing A Dirt Bike Radiator Hose

Dirt bikes take a good beating from their rough and tumble use. The undulating, rocky and muddy tracks that they are driven on make them twice as vulnerable to damage as ordinary bikes driven on smooth and concrete roads. The excess strain on the bike components causes them to wear out faster thereby demanding more frequent service schedules.

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings are exterior shells that are placed over the motorcycle’s body. The main function of the units is to reduce air drag and increase speed.The units also secure important components such as electrical parts, headlights, and engine parts. The units are also used to express taste and personality of an individual. In most cases, the fairings are used in racing bikes and sports cycles.

Changes to the UK Theory Test Questions You Need to Know – Part Two

In part one of this series, changes to the UK car theory test were covered. In part two of the series, questions that have been altered on the motorcycle theory test are revealed.

Bike Maintenance – What To Do Before Starting A Long Trip On Your Bike

A bike, like all mechanical things, needs regular maintenance. It is important to get your bike checked up thoroughly when you are going on a long trip. This article provides some helpful tips.

Information On Some Of The Best Motorcycles Of 2014

There are different types of motorcycles available in the market, ranging from cruiser bikes to sports bikes. Furthermore, different bikes feature different sizes and shapes to fit different body types. In addition, different motorcycles are designed to cater for different motorcycle performance and purposes.

Be Prepared! What to Take to Your Motorcycle Theory Test

A practical guide detailing all the things you need to take to your motorcycle theory test. Covering everything from the provisional driving licence though to photo identification.

Practical Motorcycle Exam Explained – Part One

An article examining the intricacies of the practical motorcycle test. Includes coverage of the motorcycle theory test and features of the practical riding exam.

Practical Motorcycle Exam Explained – Part Two

An article delving into the finer points of the practical motorcycle exam. Covering weather conditions, independent riding and what happens after the exam.

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