The newest e-scooter we never launched

When working on new products, our team spends over 6-12 month on concept testing alone.

This is the story of one idea that didn’t make the cut. If you’d like to see a long version video of this, please comment below and we can produce one to share more details!




Three Essential Riding Gear

There are countless sporting activity tasks in which both ladies as well as men can get involved. Practically every sporting activity enables you to exercise your agility and also toughness. However, of all the sports, motocross auto racing permits you to do this as much as an ultimate point.

Significance of Maintaining a Bike For Motor Bike Riders

Over the previous few years, motocross has turned into one of one of the most prominent sport cycling occasion amongst sporting activities individual all over the world. Basically, this auto racing consists of off roadway riding on selected circuits, making use of motorcycles which are specially created for this function.

How to Deal With an Oil Leak in Your Harley Davidson

There are some means you can do to deal with the blow-by oil leakage in the Sportster of your Harley electric motor cycle. One of the blow-by remedies from the factory is the blow-by vents which are until now from the vacuum. This is crated by carburetor inlet. This condition leads the blow-by to puddle in the base of the Sportster air filter housing and after that leakage into the engine.

Motorbike Accessories – Discover the Ways to Accessorize Your Motorcycle

It appears that nearly every year there are brand-new motorbike accessories that were established and also offered in the marketplace. Decades back, the just known bike accessory is the headgear. Some might recognize with the goggles in the past.

Cleaning a Motorcycle

The vast majority of a bike can be cleansed making use of the same procedures and also techniques that would be made use of when cleaning a car, though there are a variety of vital actions that need to be required to shield it before and during cleansing. One of the most essential point to think about when cleaning a motorbike is that any components that need to not enter into contact with water and cleansing items are sufficiently covered & safeguarded.

Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Below are some ideas for choosing the ideal motorcycle safety helmet for you: Various Types of Helmets First you’ll need to decide what kind of safety helmet you are seeking to purchase. There are numerous sorts of safety helmets, each has various features as well as advantages and disadvantages. As an example, there are helmets particularly for motocross.

Finding and Buying Used Motorcycles

When it pertains to searching for and also purchasing a used bike, there are some points you must understand prior to making an acquisition. What kind of bike should I pick? Take into consideration initially what sort of riding you’ll be doing.

Helmet Mohawk – Factors to Consider When Making a Purchase

If you’ve decided to acquire a safety helmet mohawk, you have actually already won half the battle. The only various other choice you have to make is which shade would you like your mohawk to be? Whether you’re purchasing one online from an online store, or from your neighborhood bike shop, you’ll more than happy to understand that there are various shades that you have to select from. Why you decide to acquire one shade over the following actually can depend upon a pair various aspects.

A Motorcycle Fender – Your Basic Guide to Choosing a Motorcycle Fender

Whether you have an old or brand brand-new chopper, bike fender is a crucial accessory to incorporate on it. Fenders are offered in large variety of choices. In truth, they can be tailored.

Motorcycle Leather Gloves

Motorbike natural leather gloves belongs of your security gear, it will certainly save your skin. In the winter months they will protect your hands, and if you have to lay your bike down they will certainly save your skin. you don’t have to be an university graduate to understand this.

Motorcycle Exhausts – All the Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Exhausts

A regular engine will most definitely create a sound, even the brand-new innovation combustible engines. Bike exhausts can aid minimize the amount of this sound substantially. Many exhaust parts established today are anticipated to deliver a power packed efficiency.

Motorcycle Helmet Mohawks – Why They Are Becoming More Popular

A brand-new fad has struck the motorbike device sector and the product in inquiry is called the headgear Mohawk. Several of the reasons that this product has actually ended up being so prominent involve the truth that they assist the motorcyclist display their individuality, they can be taken off of the helmet if the rider does not wish to wear them, and they can be utilized to help make the biker more visible to others on the open road.

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